Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stewed Banana & Jackfruit In Coconut Milk (Kolak Pisang)

One of famous Indonesian dessert - we call this "Kolak Pisang"
I always love it and suddenly I had sudden craving for this, so today I made one :P

This dessert can only use a few types of bananas - not all can be found in Singapore, but this one type of banana is pretty easy to find
I am not sure what the name of this banana in English - we Indonesian call it 'pisang kepok'
I heard once somebody mentioned 'saba banana' - not sure about the accuracy though
Here how it looks - Sheng Siong supermarket has them most of the time
One of my favorite banana! It's so sweet and soft when ripe - great to steam too!

What you need:
(recipe is from my dear mummy)

1 pot of water
saba banana, cut each piece into 4
a few pieces of jackfruit, cut small
4 blocks of palm sugar
6 pandan leaves
200ml coconut milk mixed with a big pinch of salt and 100ml water
some sugar to taste

Boil water with palm sugar in it til dissolves
After boiled, strain water and pour back to the pot
Add banana and pandan leaves, simmer on medium fire til banana turns soft (approx 30mins or so)
Add coconut milk mixture (to the desired thickness) and bring to boil - stir occassionally
Add some sugar til getting the desired sweetness (I added 3 tbsp)
Add in cut jackfruit, bring to boil for around 5minutes
Off heat

I love to eat this dessert cold, so refreshing during hot summer days, but it's also nice to eat warm

I'm submitting this dessert to "Aspiring Bakers #5 : Fruity March (March 2011)" hosted by Bakericious at this LINK


  1. i love love love all asian dessert with coconut milk and palm sugar. they are so rich and fragrant!

  2. hi crustbakes, too :P



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