Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hearty Meal After A Stressful Day - Indonesian Style Chap Chye

Been a stressful day since yesterday - Abby had UTI attack - her first time
I was so panicky when I saw her tummy was so big, hard and bloated and her nonstop wailing complaining stomache, can't pee - who doesn't?
Visited hospital in a rush, got fed up with government hospital staff - yeah, as if it's something new *sigh*
But ended up sighed in relief to find that hers was just a mild one
And til now still on medication and gotta constantly reminded her to drink more, dun hold pee, not to play with her bicycle...
And another problem - brought Ian to see doctor this morning cos of his sudden phlegmy cough this morning, now he's also on medication
Haizz...supposed to go to their fave place today - zoo, all gotta be delayed, hopefully they recover fast so we still can make it cos we can only visit zoo during school holidays...
Still thankful that nothing serious, though... :)

Another problem - this time is mixer suddenly decided to bid goodbye to the master of many years, was suddenly off by itself yesterday late morning when I used for less than 10 minutes only
The body was hot  - I thought of waiting til it turned cool and tried again
I tried in the evening after got back from hospital and it's still off - so long, my friend!

Now, another thing to do this weekend - mixer hunting :)
Another good excuse to shop huh? :P

Okay, need some hearty meal after such a stressful day, I cooked chap chye - Indonesian style. It's actually just a stir fry vegetables with chicken pieces and chicken balls. That's how you will get if you order for a plate of chap chye in Indonesia :)

I added sweetcorns just because my kids love corns
Original and better recipe actually uses prawns and chicken livers
I don't use prawns cos Abby is allergic to it and I am the only person in the family who likes chicken liver, so forget it

What you need:

3 cloves of garlic - crushed
1/2 onion - julienned
1 chicken breast - diced
10 chicken balls - cut thinly into 4
1 can button mushroom - cut small
1 bunch cauliflower - cut small
2 cups frozen sweet corns
2 carrots - cut thinly
1 small wongbok china - cut
1 shanghai greens - cut
oil, garlic oil, water, salt, pepper, chicken stock powder, fish sauce, light soya sauce, cornflour diluted with water

Heat oil, stir fry onion followed by garlic til fragrant
Add in chicken, cook til change color, followed by chicken balls and mushrooms, stir well for approximately 2minutes
Add in water, bring to boil
Add in carrots, sweet corns, let simmer til carrots turn soft - approximately 5minutes
Add in all seasonings according to preference except cornflour
Add in wongbok china
Stir well, add in cornflour, keep stirring til the desired thickness achieved
Add in cauliflowers followed by shanghai greens
Stir well for around 2minutes, off heat
Serve hot over rice

Yeah, I know it's not really 10 veggies are used, but that's what we Indonesians like haha...
It is nice and can feel the warmth in your tummy :P

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