Monday, March 7, 2011

Century Egg Porridge

A simple hearty meal...
Saw this dish at My Kitchen and drooled instantly - realized it's been ages since the last time I had this dish

Mind the over sprinkled spring onion - I'm a big fan of everything related to garlic and onion :P

What you need:
(modified to my preference)

1 chicken breast bone
1/2 cup rice - washed and rinsed - soak for 3hours
5 cups water
2 cooked century eggs - peeled and cut into 2 (to cook, boil the peeled raw eggs for around 20mins)
minced pork, chicken stock powder, salt to taste

For garnishes:
spring onion - cut
garlic oil
fried onion

Boil chicken bone with water, discard all the oils floating
Lower the heat, simmer for another 30mins
Take out chicken bone - set aside
Add in rice to the chicken stock, bring to boil, simmer til rice turns soft (I like the porridge thick instead of runny)
Add in minced pork and century eggs - cook for another 5mins
Trasnfer the porridge into serving bowl
Garnish with garlic oil, cut spring onion and fried onion as you wish
Eat hot (of course *grin*)


  1. Congee is always my no. 1 comfort food. Yours look very delicious.

  2. i love congee! my favorite with salted egg! hehe

  3. hi Zoe, thks :)
    i also love congee, also my family
    one thing only can make me get hungry faster hahaha... *greedy me talking*

    hi Jess,
    wow - great combination - shall try :P



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