Friday, July 10, 2020

Stir Fry Chicken Over Rice

Easy dish and can be a dish when you need to clear your fridge, ingredients used as per your preference :)

Source: HERE with my own adjustment to feed my family of 4

What you need:

For rice:

4 portions cooked rice
4 eggs, beaten
1 tsp garlic powder
4 shallots, peeled and sliced thinly
drizzles of fish sauce, drizzles of dark sweet soy sauce, few pinches of salt, few dashes of pepper, a pinch of chicken stock powder
sesame oil

For chicken:

500g chicken breast, diced, marinate in egg white, salt and pepper, set aside for 15mins
6 cloves of garlic, peeled and finely chopped
some cabbage, cut (the only vegetable I had in my fridge LOL)
some shitake mushroom, sliced
some water
1tsp sesame oil
1tsp fish sauce
1tsp oyster sauce
some salt, pepper
some cooking oil
some corn starch diluted in water

  1. To make rice: Heat sesame oil in a wok, sautee shallots until soft and fragrant. Add in beaten eggs and garlic powder, stir until eggs cooked. Add in rice, and all seasonings. Stir well, check taste, off fire and set aside
  2. To make chicken: Heat cooking oil in a pan, sautee garlic until fragrant. Add in marinated chicken, stir until chicken changed color. Add in mushroom and water. Add in all seasonings except sesame oil. When it starts to smoke, add in cabbage and stir well, let it boil. Add in cornstarch slurry and let it cook for a minute. Add in sesame oil. Stir well, check the taste and off fire
  3. To serve: Place rice on a plate and pour chicken over rice. Serve hot

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Sarikaya Pisang

Recipe source : HERE

What you need:

175g gula melaka, shaved (original recipe 250g but I found a little too sweet for my liking)
600ml coconut milk
2 pandan leaves, tie into a knot
50g plain flour
1/4tsp salt
1/2tsp vanilla extract
some bananas, use those very ripe, I used barangan

  1. In a pot, cook gula melaka, coconut milk, salt, vanilla and pandan leaves until sugar melts, bring to boil. Off fire and leave to cool
  2. In another bowl, mix eggs and plain flour, stir briefly
  3. Pour into cooled coconut milk mixture, stir and strain
  4. Place banana slices at the bottom of baking dish / ramekins
  5. Pour liquid, might add more bananas if you like
  6. Steam in a preheated steamer over medium fire for about 30mins, off fire
  7. Leave it in the steamer for about 15mins
  8. Serve warm or chilled (I prefer the latter)

Pineapple Jam Buns

A little overbaked 🤦‍♀️ luckily it's still soft and enjoyed by my family 😅

Okay dun laugh, it was supposed to shape something like curry puff, but look at this LOL

Recipe: HERE
Easy dough to handle, nice soft and yummy

What you need:

500g bread flour
85g sugar
85g butter
30g milk powder
2 eggs
1tsp salt
12g instant yeast
19-ml fresh milk
beaten egg, to brush before baking
butter to brush the buns after done baking

  1. In a breadmaker pan, add in eggs and fresh milk, followed by salt, sugar, milk powder, flour and yeast. Start the machine on dough function. After 5mins kneading, add in butter. Let it continue doing the job of kneading plus the first proofing
  2. Remove dough from the pan and transfer to a lightly floured surface
  3. Knead for a few times to release air bubbles. Make into 50g balls
  4. Flatten each ball with a rolling pin and put filling at the centre. Shape as you like
  5. Proof again until doubled in size about 30 to 45mins depending on the surrounding temperature, covered with damp kitchen towel
  6. Preheat oven at 180degC for 20mins (do it during the last 20mins of the second proofing), brush buns with beaten egg and bake for 25 to 30mins until the tops are golden brown and sound hollow when tapped
  7. Remove from oven, transfer into a cooling rack and brush the tops with butter

Can be made as plain buns and/or with filling of choice
This time I made mainly with pineapple jam and custard filling

Recipe for pineapple jam: HERE, and for custard HERE

Monday, June 29, 2020

African Gateau

Baked this long time ago using my mom's recipe HERE
This time I used another recipe

Source: Hesti's Kitchen with my own slight adjustment
It's using the popular Indonesian steamed brownies recipe for the cake, and I like using her recipe as it doesn't use any emulsifier and it turns out as great

What you need:

For the cake:

230g caster sugar
1/2tsp vanilla extract
1/4tsp salt

B (sift together)
125g plain flour
50g cocoa powder
1/2tsp baking powder

100g unflavoured cooking oil, I used rice bran
75g salted butter
100g dark cooking chocolate (I used semi sweet chocolate)

For the custard filling:

200g sweet condensed milk mixed with water to make it 700ml liquid mix
50g corn starch
20g plain flour
2 egg yolks
1/2tsp vanilla extract
a pinch of salt
15g salted butter

(for future reference, i skipped this time, and honestly, without this, the cake is already so yummy)

175g thickened cream
175g dark chocolate, chopped
50g salted butter

  1. Preheat steamer. If your steamer cover is not the triangular shape type, cover with clean cloth to prevent dripping
  2. Prepare 20cm square pan with 7cm height by greasing it with butter and line with baking paper
  3. In a pot over medium low fire, heat C until melted and mixed well. Don't let it boil. Set aside
  4. Using a mixer on high speed, cream A until pale and thick
  5. Add in B mix gently using low speed
  6. Add in C and fold gently using spatula
  7. Pour batter into the prepared pan, and put in the preheated steamer
  8. Steam for 45mins over medium fire (if the fire is too big, the surface of the cake will be uneven)
  9. Check using skewer and test if it's fully cooked
  10. Remove from steamer, and transfer from the pan to cooling rack. Let cool completely
  11. Meantime, make the custard filling: put in a heavy based pot liquid mix, corn starch, plain flour, egg yolks, vanilla, and salt. Cook while stirring constantly until thickened. Off fire and add in butter. Stir well until butter melts. Let cool, cover using clingwrap touching the surface of the custard, to prevent it from forming "skin"
  12. When the cake is cooled, cut horizontally into 2 or 3 parts (I only cut into 2parts)
  13. Spread the cooled custard on 1 part of the cake, and cover with another part
  14. If you cut into 3parts, do the same one more time on top of the first two layers to form total of 3layers cake
  15. If u use ganache, heat cream in a pot until hot and chocolate melted, don't let it boil. Add in chocolate and butter. Keep stirring until the mixture is glossy and smooth. Pour over the cake and let it set for about 15mins

Prata Potato Puffs

Another easy delicious snack
Thanks Anncoo Journal for the recipe

What you need:

5pcs frozen prata
10 hard boiled quail eggs (I didn't have so I used 5 hard boiled eggs, halved)
450g potatoes
3tbsp curry powder (I skipped)
5tbsp fresh milk
1 large onion, chopped
1tsp sugar
1tsp chicken stock powder
1 beaten egg

  1. Peel potatoes and halve them, and steam for about 30mins until soft
  2. Mash them, leaving some chunks behind
  3. Heat a little oil in a frying pan. Sautee onion with curry powder, if using, until onions are soft
  4. Add in potatoes, milk, sugar, chicken stock powder. Stir well. Dish up and leave to cool
  5. Thaw frozen prata slightly until it can be folded. Dab your hands with flour to prevent the prata from sticking
  6. Place potatoes in the middle and arrange eggs on it. Fold it over, use fingers to make pleats on one side of the prata until fully sealed
  7. Place prata puff on a lined baking tray and brush the top with beaten egg
  8. Bake in a preheated oven of 200degC for about 20mins. Take it out and brush again with eggs, bake for another 10mins or until it's golden brown

This is really yummy. It can be freezed too, and airfry before consuming

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Nasi Bakmoi Ayam

A dish resembles chicken stew, served a little differently

Recipe source: Diah Didi with my own adjustment (more to the quantity to fit 4 people and 2 meal times)

What you need:

500g chicken breast, boiled and diced
1 taukwa, dice and deep fry until golden brown
some hard boiled eggs, peeled
5 cloves of garlic, peel
5 shallots, peel
1/4tsp pepper
4tbsp dark sweet soy sauce
1tsp salt
1/2tsp chicken stock powder
500ml water (I used the water used to boil the chicken, strained)
a little oil

For the prawn balls:
200g deshelled prawns
100g plain flour
2tbsp tapioca starch
2tsp salt
1/4tsp pepper
1/2tsp sugar
oil to deep fry

For the soup:
1litre water
3 cloves of garlic, peeled and bruised
2cm old ginger, peeled and bruised
2stalks spring onion, tie a knot
1/2tsp chicken stock powder
2tsp salt
a few dashes of pepper
a little oil

fried onion
chopped spring onion
sambal belachan / dark sweet soy sauce mixed with cut chili padi

  1. To make the soup: put a little oil in a heavy based pot, fry garlic until fragrant and slightly browned. Add in water, ginger, spring onion. Let it boil. Add in chicken stock powder, salt and pepper. Let boil for a few mins and off fire
  2. To make the chicken stew: blend garlic, shallots and pepper until forming a paste. Sautee on a wok until fragrant. Add in chicken, tofu, eggs, and water. Add in dark sweet soy sauce. Stir well and let it boil over medium fire. After boiling, add in salt, chicken stock powder and let it simmer over small fire for about 20mins. Check the taste and off fire
  3. To make the prawn balls: blend together prawns, both flours, eggs, salt, pepper, sugar until smooth. Heat some oil in a pot, scoop a little of the paste and drop it into the pot. Deep fry until golden brown
  4. To serve: in a plate / bowl, scoop rice, add in chicken stew with tofu and eggs and some of the gravy, pour some soup, sprinkle with fried onion and chopped spring onion. Place some prawn balls too. Best to consume while it's warm. Eat with sambal of your choice

Monday, June 22, 2020

3 Ingredients Oreo Cake

This cake has been trending lately during Circuit Breaker period in Sg
I finally have enough Oreo to give it a try
I added Milo dalgona on top to serve like buttercream and I'm glad I did
It enhances the taste of the cake. Without it, the cake would be too bland for my liking
As for the texture, it can't be compared with the good old fashioned way of making a real chocolate cake. It's more to a fudge texture, very rich. Perhaps I should try baking it in the oven, see how it will turn out
All in all, this is not too bad of a choice when your mood is for something fast and easy. My family still enjoy it :)

Recipe source: HERE

What you need:

28pcs Oreo, split the crust from the cream filling
1tsp baking powder
1cup fresh milk

enough dalgona for topping, or any chocolate ganache of your choice (optional)

  1. Butter a 6inch pan and add in baking paper over it
  2. Heat a steamer. If your steamer cover is not the triangular shape, wrap it with clean kitchen cloth
  3. In a blender, add in Oreo crust, baking powder and milk. Blend until smooth
  4. Add in the cream filling and blend a little more until mix completely
  5. Pour batter into the pan and steam for about 45mins over medium high fire until skewer test comes out clean
  6. Let cool on a cooling rack and spread dalgona over it if preferred
  7. Keep in the refrigerator and transfer to room temperature about 15mins before serving


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