Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Egg Enriched White Loaf (Bread maker)

Soooooooooooo happy finally I got my breadmaker last weekend :P
Today tried to bake my 1st homemade bread, and since it's my first time baking bread using breadmaker, I decided to try the simplest among all, basic white bread - but I chose egg enriched type after I found out I have no milk powder

Was very excited during the 3 hours waiting, and even more excited after taking it out and waited for 45minutes to let it cool

Finally can cut...

Can't complain at all, the texture is soft and crusty outside - yum!

What you need:
(for 750g loaf)

1 egg + 1 egg yolk -> mix with water up to 300ml
1 1/2 tbsp vegetable oil
450g bread flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1 1/2 tsp dried yeast
Using breadmaker:
Add all ingredients into the bread pan in the order listed above
Choose basic programme for 750g white bread with medium crust
Take the loaf out from the pan as soon as it's finished baking, and leave to cool for 30 - 45mins before cutting
Keep the balance in airtight container or sealed plastic bag
Can last for 2 days


  1. Congrats ! Yr Bread looks gd ;)

  2. Hi Alice,

    I'm so sorry for my late response about your query about the model of my breadmaker.

    Saw your bread in this post and thought it's probably too late for me to tell you apologies.

    My breadmaker is Breville brand. I've recently upgraded my breadmaker to the ikon series and gave away my basic one to my aunt.

    Your bread is fantastic. I'm currently researching lots in bread recipes. Would love to try your recipe.

  3. hi Cathy, thks :)

    hi Zoe, it's ok, i bought kenwood brand BM 450 :)
    googled yours and i think function is roughly the same :)
    thks for your comment - will try many of your recipe too :P

    hi Jess, thks :)

  4. Wow, the crumbs on the bread look so fine and soft! perfect for breakfast!

  5. hi crustabakes,
    thks! :)
    we eat for breakfast, afternoon tea and supper hihihi...

  6. i recognise that recipe... its exactly the same as the one in my kenwood manual... and that is a large egg enriched loaf in the handbook...

    looks v nice, i modified mine with the second egg white some strawberry essence and lilac food colouring to make an interesting purple colour loaf with a slight hint of strawberry, had to increase flour slightly to cope with extra liquid, maybe another 20 to 50 grams.


  7. Can get the full recepi for function 1 to 14?

    1. hi Alice, sorry I didn't get what u mean, can pls elaborate? thks :)



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