Saturday, March 26, 2011

Banana Chocolate Cheese Puffs (Molen Pisang Keju Coklat)

After participating as a member in LBT Indonesia since mid February, seeing many talented Indonesian new friends with their wonderful bakings, being reminded of many nice yummy food I havent eaten for ages, makes me craving for many things

One of them is this snack - very famous in Bandung originally
Got the recipe from an avid cook and baker - Ricke, easy to make and yummy too!

Happened to find the puff pastry when I wandered around supermarket a few days ago, so I decided to get the bananas too - saba bananas - with luck on me this time

Unfortunately photos couldn't be produced with natural daylight, dun want to wait til tomorrow either, a little doubtful the object is still available hehe....

There's so much work to do for the presentation - especially compared to the original ones, but can't complain about the taste
Crisp puff with sweet juicy banana and chocolate balanced with salty cheese - yum! More than enough to satisfy my craving :P

What you need:

ready to use puff pastry, to flatten with rolling pin on a lighlty floured surface and shape into 10cm x 10cm square (approx)
ripe saba bananas - steam for around 20mins and cut the length into 4
chocolate rice
Kraft cheddar cheese (the blue box) - cut the same length as the banana (shape like french fries)
1 egg yolk mixed with a little vegetable oil for glazing
grated cheddar cheese and chocolate rice for sprinkles

Prepare a square pan, lightly buttered also the sides, put a parchment paper and lightly butter on top of the paper ( I used 22cm square pan enough to arrange 12 pcs)
Arrange 2 banana slices and 1 cheese slice on the pastry, add 1tsp chocolate rice on top
Close the pastry to envelope shape (close top, bottom followed by left and right)
Arrange the puffs on the pan with around 1cm distance in between each puff
Brush the tops with egg yolk mixture, sprinkle with grated cheese and chocolate rice
Bake in preheated oven of 200degC for approx 25-30mins or til golden brown
Let cool


  1. I really don't mind if you give me some... :D:D:D

  2. Hi
    I havent heard about LBT before, being in indonesia, i think i will become a member too! Thanks for the intro. Your banana molen looks good! banana molens are a must buy amongst my family members when someone visits bandung!

  3. So yummy! Thanks for sharing about LBT, already added you in FB too :)

  4. hi Cathy, thks - yes it is, gone in 1day :P

    hi Melly, hihihihi....catch!!! :P

    hi crustbakes, yeah...i luv them too but nowhere to be found in sgp :)
    no problem, this group is a great place to share recipes, knowledge and experience about baking - especially for somebody like me who's still need to learn a lot!
    i think u can join next month when they open for registration for their monthly homework, in your case will be may homework...
    you can go to their FB page and click info and u can add one of the host to request for update so u can register in time
    see u there! :)

  5. hi Doris, thks! nice meeting u in FB :)
    hope u too will join LBT - can read how to join in my comment above for crustbakes



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