Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bread - 2nd Attempt

Remember my considerably failed 1st attempt in baking bread?
Ive repeated the same recipe once again but now a little modified...
I replaced half of the plain flour with bread flour, I soaked the yeast with a little water and sugar for 10mins roughly (til bubbles) and i doubled the timing to proof the dough - both proofing

This time is definitely much much better - softer and more fluffy, but still rather heavy
Still with the same fillings - cheese and chocolate
Quite satisfied with this batch :)

Will definitely try to bake more bread in the future :P


  1. congratulations on the improved bread! keep baking and i bet you would get even better!

  2. I suspect you didn't knead enough. But anyway your bread looks good!

  3. Yeah!! You made it :) I'm a lazy person, usually I just used the spiral mixer for kneading. Maybe you can try this method too.

  4. hmm i baked bread today too! and my was rather heavy as well! but im not too sure whether do i add in too much fillings haha! anyway your bread looks really good!

  5. oooh... I love and cheese and choc.... now you're tempting me to make bread this weekend.

  6. hi Crustbakes, thks - yes yes, i will not stop til i get the texture and taste i want! :):):)

    hi Blessed Homemaker, yes, i think so too...
    at first i thought cos i never used bread improver, but i saw many recipes without that and still turned out perfect, so i guess must be another thing
    thks :)

    hi Doris, yes my mum told me to do that, but I tried once and the mixer like going to collapse I was scared I turned off haha...
    perhaps need to invest in better mixer, or even breadmaker huh? :P

    hi Jess, haha...i wanna see ley..posted already? :)

    hi NEL, hehe...i think i will do my 3rd attempt too, see how :P

  7. Alice, as long as you keep baking I am sure you will get better at it. These look good to me. One thing I know about making bread is, there should be no distraction. I only make bread when I am alone in the house. Looking forward to see your even more improved version on your 3rd attempt. Have a great weekend.

  8. hi Quay Po, thks :)
    you have the point - i should bake bread when DH around to care for my kids otherwise they'll come to me with their never ending requests! :P

  9. Don't worry about that, Alice! Frankly speaking, mine is just a standard hand mixer with the stand. As long as you don't go more that 300gr flour, I think it should be okay. :)

  10. hi Doris, oh allright, i shall try then - thks! :P



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