Thursday, May 31, 2012

Siew Mai

I always love siew mai, a must dish I gotta eat everytime I go for dimsum
The recipe is from my late grandmother whom was a real avid cook
She always made the sauce too which tasted fabulous :)

What you need:

wanton wrappers
mould for Indonesian style steamed cupcake (optional)
canola oil
egg white from 1 egg

500g minced chicken
250g minced prawns
2/3 large China wongbok - used only the stem, sliced thinly, mixed with 1 tsp salt, squeezing them by hands til soft
2 tbsp chopped fried garlic
salt, pepper, sugar
4 eggs
400ml water
8 heaped tbsp plain flour

Mix all ingredients above, the batter should be soft and not thick, but not too runny either
If it's still too thick, adding of egg / water is fine
Adjust the taste

To assemble, I'm using mould for Indonesian style steamed cupcake to maintain the consistency of the shape and size
I googled for the picture and here's what I got, it's something like this but mine is square...
I oiled the inner part of the mould, lay wanton wrapper inside, brush with egg white and spoon in the filling
Put a little of grated carrots on top and steam for around 30 minutes or til cooked
Remove from mould

For the sauce:

3 large red chillis, remove seeds and cut
5 tomatoes, cut
salt, sugar
tomato ketchup
potato starch / sago flour / corn flour mixed with a little water as thickener
  1. Boil a small pot of water with cut chillis and tomatoes
  2. After boiled, off heat and let it warm
  3. Transfer to a blender and blend til smooth
  4. Strain, add salt, sugar, and tomato ketchup
  5. Adjust the taste, and mix with thickener as desired
I'm submitting this post to  Aspiring Bakers #19 Dim Sum Affair (May 2012) hosted by Small Small Baker


  1. Delicious looking siew mai! My hubby loves this whenever we go for dim sum! We just went last week! Hehehe!

    1. hi Joyce, thks! yeah, DH and I love dimsum too
      siew mai is a must order :)

  2. Ho ciak la! Look sinfully delicious.

  3. Very nicely done, makes me yearning for some now, must go and eat this weekend:D

  4. Wow, Alice, I'm feeling so hungry now after looking at the pictures of your Siew Mai,they are huge & they look delicious! Siew Mai is also my favourite. I supposed to do the fried chicken dish on last weekend but had to cancelled later becoz my throat wasn't feeling well! Imagine like having 2 great fried chicken recipes on hand but I couldn't tried it, hai, looks like I have to postpone to another weekend due to the same problem!

    1. hi Jessie, thks :)
      hope u get well soon
      it's wise not to cook the fried chicken first, otherwise u'll only salivating looking at your other family members eating them while u can't LOL



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