Thursday, May 24, 2012

Avocado Coffee Dessert

One favorite dessert my mum always made for the family :)
Besides avocado juice, this is another great way I love to enjoy avocado as dessert :)
Keep it chilled in the fridge, perfect for Singapore's recent hot humid weather!

Very simple to make...

Halve avocados, scrape the meat in a bowl
Prepare a glass or two glasses (depending on how much avocados you use) of plain coffee with brown sugar
Pour the coffee into avocado meat, mix well and store in covered container and keep in the fridge
Serve cold


  1. Wow! First time I'm seeing avocado with coffee! An interesting drink, one that I will definitely love to try! Thanks for sharing, Alice! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. hi Joyce, thks :)
    i think it's more to Indonesians who likes to make this dessert :)
    Never see this here in Spore myself
    This is indeed a refreshing drink, surprisingly avocado and cofee go well together!
    Enjoy ur weekend :)

  3. Wow! This sounds really good! I must give this a try this amazing recipe! thanks for sharing! Have a nice day, Alice! :)

  4. at a glance, i thought it's chendol! haha! avocados in coffee, new to me! an indonesian dessert??

    1. hi Lena, thanks :) yes i think so far i find its only Indonesians do avocado dessert like this :)



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