Friday, May 4, 2012

ABC May 2012 - Orange Cranberries Scones

I was a little late for this month's submission for ABC event
I should have done all my "homework" way in advance.. My bad habit of doing everything last minute never do me any good.. Like this time, for instance
I was planning to bake the scones on Wednesday when I was suddenly felt unwell the whole day.. In the end I only managed to do it today..

This is the scones I made today, my first scones :)
Taken from the book The Weekend Baker by Abigail Johnson Dodge, I must say she's a genious!
This is her second recipe I made and both didn't make me happy with the result, no, that's not the right word.. They amazed me! Both are a keeper!
And those members have joined the event right from the start, this is actually the fifth recipe, and all were dotted as keeper recipes too!
No doubt the book looks rather plain, minimum pictures and attraction to the eyes, the content is really some kind of jewel!
It makes me very eager to bake the rest of the recipes in the book - which is alot! LOL

It's actually a recipe for big batch scone mix which you can prepare in advance
I did the single batch which made 8 scones
Btw, I think my scones are a little too 'wrinkly' , aren't they?
Not sure what I did wrong in the appearance, but taste and texture wise, no complaint at all :)

I added 1 tsp of orange zest from the super sweet Taiwan murcott, the skin is rather thin compared to navel oranges, but the aroma is really great!
And the orange was so sweet I couldn't help myself but to add 3 tbsp of the juice into the dough, and did I regret? Nope, I was glad I did :)
I added 75g dried cranberries, too
I didn't have buttermilk on hand, I mixed fresh milk with 1 tbsp of lemon juice

Easy to whip up, except a little struggle with the sticky dough, these scones is such a great companion during tea time, but also it's great with butter and jam / marmade for breakfast... yum!
DH ate two, just plain on its own, at one go - this doesn't need further verbal comment from him anymore :)

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  1. Your scones looks great, Alice! Don't worry about the crinkly look, most scones are like that. You are right about the book, all five recipes I've tried are spot-on keeper recipes! I'm enjoying baking from this gem of a book! I'm really looking forward to try next month's Brioche!!

    1. hi Joyce, me too :)
      thks, i just thought that most scones are not as wrinkly as mine :P
      they taste just great! :)

  2. the texture looks so beautiful.
    fine and crumbly.

    I think, I rarely see smooth top scones. I also wonder how do they do it.

    1. hi Wendy, thks :)
      yeah, i just wonder mine is more wrinkly than others LOL

  3. This scone sounds incredible! Orange zest and cranberries! Yummy! I think all scones are supposed to look a little wrinkly because of their flour ratio! haha.. So yours is perfect! :D

    1. hi Sam, thks :) this is really great!
      yeah, i saw other scones then i thought mine was more wrinkly hehehe

  4. As others have said as well, I think they're supposed to be wrinkly. Your scones turned out great! Since you mentioned your dough was a bit sticky, maybe reduce the milk/buttermilk amount by the amount of orange juice you added. That might help with the stickiness. Sounds like your family enjoyed these. So did we! See you next month, Alice!! I'm glad you're feeling better :o)

    1. hi Hanaa, thks :)
      yeah, maybe the sticky dough was due to extra liquid added, i was aware of it only when handling the dough :P
      but it didnt worsen the texture, thk God :) it taste superb!
      see u next month :)

  5. Replies
    1. hi Ask the Baker, thks :)
      indeed it is really yummy :P

  6. Your scones looks good! I can have therm without any spread. Yum!

  7. Hi Alice!

    I'm Joy from "Hot Oven, Warm Heart," and I just became a member of ABC. I’m so happy to be a part of the group, and make some new blogging baker friends- hopefully you included.

    I'm really glad to hear you're feeling better, and were able to bake a batch of these yummy scones. Yours look just perfect- I think the wrinkles are a good thing, as they indicate flakiness. I'm really intrigued by the citrus you used. I've never heard of Taiwan murcott, but I wish it was available in my area markets- it sounds delicious! I'm sure it gave your batch a very unique flavor.

    If you have a chance, I'd love it if you'd stop by and check out my scones too! Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great weekend!


    1. hi Joy, thks for dropping by :)
      so glad to have u too in ABC, i just joined last month, too :)

      I'm not sure if you have Taiwan murcott in your area, even here in Singapore is just seasonal fruits for around 2 weeks once or twice a year :)
      It's indeed a sweet citrus, not a hint of sourish taste at all!

      I just did visit your blog, how lovely scones you made, yum!
      nice twist to add cinnamon chips and the glaze just make your scones so special i wont be able to find in any bakery :)

      have a great weekend :)

  8. looks so delicious and super yummy!

  9. I have so long did not make scones because my kids seem not so appreciate it. Let me just drool over your beautiful scones.

    1. hi Sonia, thks :)
      my kids didnt like it too much too
      perhaps they'll if i change the fruits to chocolate chips :)

  10. I like the idea of adding some orange juice. Nice bake, Alice!




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