Friday, May 11, 2012

Indonesian Grilled Fish Fillet (Happy Call) (Barefoot Contessa)

I came across this recipe when I was browsing for Ina Garten's recipes in
I was curious how the taste is cos it's stated Indonesian but when I saw the seasonings, I was not very certain it would be the Indonesian taste :)

I prepared this dish for dinner this evening, it's quite nice, not the authentic style, but it's nice in its own way
However. I found it too salty
The next time I make this, I will omit the salt

What you need:
(modified to suit my preference and portion)

500g fish fillet (I used premium sutchi fillet)

40ml soya sauce
30ml canola oil
1 tsp grated lemon zest
30ml lemon juice
10g finely minced ginger
2 garlic, finely minced
1 tbsp dijon mustard
dark sweet soya sauce to brush during grilling
  1. Mix the marinade ingredients and put fish in it and marinade for minimum of 4 hours, overnight will be the best
  2. Prepare Happy Call pan, brush a little oil on top and over medium low heat, grill the marinated fish around 5 minutes each side / til cooked, brush each side with dark sweet soya sauce
  3. Place on serving plate, and cover with aluminium foil for 10 minutes before serving
Nice to eat with hot fluffy rice :)

I'm linking this to Cook Like A Star blog hop event, hosted by Zoe, featuring Barefoot Contessa as the celebrity chef for the month of May


  1. I didn't know Ina made Indonesia dishes! The fish looks really easy to prepare, thanks for sharing!

    1. thks :)
      yes in fact I saw 2 recipe which is Indonesian dish :)

  2. The fish looks good. will taste great with hot steamed rice.
    Have a nice week end :D

  3. despite that you said it's a little saltish, the gravy looks really good! Happy Mother's day to you!

  4. The fish really looks good eh...salty? for me I'm going to have it with rice then should be perfect. Happy Mother's Day to you

  5. I'm surprised too that Ina cooks Indonesian too! This very-saucy fish (minus the salt) sounds very yummy to me :D

    1. hi Zoe, yes I found 2 Indonesian dishes she made :)
      its indeed yummy if not cos of the saltiness :)



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