Monday, May 14, 2012

Bake Along #24 - Savoury Scrolls

I was browsing through the links below, looking through all the fabulous bakes with 4 ingredients
I read Joyce's post, shared about how she bakes for many events way ahead
Then I was thinking, wow...I am exactly totally opposite
Almost everytime. almost all bakes for all events I participate, I did last minute, if not late wew....
I guess my time management need some room of improvement LOL
Joyce, I sincerely admire you post all your bakes in time! Seriously! :)

I find it's rather tough to manage because my baking time is limited to once or the most twice a week, it's a kind of agreement in the family
I used to bake very often, at one point it was close to daily thing, but after sometime DH suggested not to bake too often
In fact, it's not only him, but also my mum suggested the same thing
So then came the once to twice a week bakes in the agenda

The main and only reason is health, both of them were not so comfortable in eating sweet treats in daily basis, which I sincerely agree
It's impossible to make and not consuming it, especially knowing that my family loves eating LOL

So, my baking days now is only Saturday and/or Sunday, and one more time on midweek, but even on that one more midweek, it's preferably to bake something not so sinful, such as buns or savoury snack

As robotic as it sounds, the schedule is a good arrangement for me and my family, and for me in particular - good for my waistline LOL

The down side is, it's not easy to arrange the time for me to bake to be in accordance with the dates of submission for the events
Fortunately there are not only a day to submit, but many days, so even though a little late, but so far still in time :)

What makes me more determined to go ahead with the arrangement... after my last week's health screen showed my bad cholesterol level was not so good, 3 points higher than normal wew..... Better take care... Luckily the rest was good, particularly my good cholesterol, it's higher than recommended, which is good :)
I was wondering how come the good cholesterol can't overwrite my bad cholesterol LOL

Having said all that, it doesn't mean I will not participate in those events
How to? I love it too much! LOL

Now for this bake... I actually had my 4 ingredients bake on Saturday for Mother's day, but it's too early to post for the Bake Along event, so I had my mid week bake today hehehe...

I wish I could make the scrolls in all even sizes hehehe....

It's not some sweet treats I baked today, not because I avoided it, but I was simply drooling when I saw this recipe at 4ingredients website
Combine the 4 ingredients together and nobody can say no to this little snack :)

And true enough, this is really yummy, and so simple to make, too
Crisp and tasty... delicious!
Here's the recipe...

What you need:
1 pastry sheet (I used Pampas and I flattened with rolling pin)
Prego pasta sauce
small diced back bacon
grated parmesan cheese
  1. Preheat oven to 180degC
  2. Put the flattened sheet on lightly floured surface
  3. Spread sauce, sprinkle bacon, followed by cheese
  4. Roll the sheet away from you like when making swissroll
  5. Cut into thick slices (around 3cm)
  6. Arrange on lined pan, and bake for 20-30 minutes (depends on how thick is the cut) til golden brown
  7. Remove from the pan and let cool
  8. Keep in airtight container to keep them crisp
Beware: It's so difficult to stop munching this scrolls!

Please view other bakes with 4ingredients below, so exciting to see many different ideas from our friend bloggers, including hosts for the event: Zoe, Joyce and Lena
You have great simple bake which only uses 4 ingredients? Come join the party :)


  1. Alice, don't worry you can always bake when you are free or whenever you are free to join us. That scrolls looks yummy..I still have puff pastry left...can try to make it.

    1. thks Angeline :) hope u like it... i do, very much :)

  2. Hi Alice! Hehe! I always try to plan ahead with all the baking that I have to do for those events that I joined, so that I could put them off from my mind about thinking when to find the time to bake them! I know what you mean by cutting down on the baking, nowadays most of the bakes, I try to do only half the recipe! That way, we have less to eat!
    Your four ingredient bake looks so delicious! Just like eating mini pizza rolls! Cute spirals!
    You better take care of that cholestorel level of yours. Thank you for baking along with us! :)

    1. hi Joyce, thks :) actually i wasnt so happy with the spirals, all had tails LOL
      yeah, now care for my food intake, cos thats where all the bad cholesterol comes, and try to exercise more hehehe...

  3. I too google for 4 ingredients recipe with the good intention of joining this Bake Along but in the end gave up because I have too much to do last weekend and got lazy lol! I agreed these rolls of yours are pretty easy and looks delicious!

    1. hi Jeaniie, thks :) hehe... hope u can join in the next bake along, its the first anniversary layered cake :)

  4. The 4 ingredients cookbooks and websites always has lots of interesting and fast cooking ideas. My friend had tried this recipe before too and like what you said, it seems really good!

    1. thks Zoe!
      yes, this is indeed really delicious :)

  5. Wow, wow! This is truly simple~ I just love easy-peasy recipe (no talent is baking yet) :p

    Might try it out this weekend, I can imagine myself with a cup of hot coffee and this savoury snack!

    1. hi yvonne, thks :) yes yes, this is really simple and most importantly, its yummy, too :)
      great snack!

  6. tell you a secret, joyce and zoe are always good in planning their much so that i hv to keep my butts moving to meet the datelines!! we really appreciate your participation despite all the reasons above. Sounds like these rolls are very addictive! Putting bacon and cheese together is always so tasty..yum! the rolls look pretty too!

    1. hi Lena, hahah... yes, u manage to keep up with them, so good! :) yes this scrolls are fantastic, knowing how simple it is to prepare
      thks :)

  7. I agree with you that it is impossible to bake but not to eat. Eversince I start baking this year, I need to work double harder in the gym. So scare of the weight gain through the consumption of too many sweet cakes/cookies.

    1. hi Yan, yeah, its so difficult to ignore and pretend the food is not there LOL
      yeah, not only for waistline but also for health :)
      but i just love baking too hehehe....

  8. Alice, I saw a similar recipe b4 which I intended to make few weeks ago but then, i changed to another cooking! By the way, my frequency in baking is pretty much similar to yours. Sometimes, my hands will kind of feeling itchy in the middle of the week if I don't bake, so very often, I will decide to make something at very last minute to satisfy my "desire," hahaha! But I'm concerning abt my health too becoz I think generally, I have more unhealthy cookings since I open my blog!

    This is a great recipe for someone having picnic or party! A good snack!

  9. hi Jessie, thks!
    yeah, our passion doesnt really go along with health LOL
    so gotta play smart
    i always have difficulty in planning ahead, most of the time cos of kids'request
    for example, i have planned to bake cake for an event on friday, then suddenly my boy asked for something different, so i made his request instead, the cake planned to another day
    and on that day, my girl's turn to request for another thing to munch, i made for her, hence the cake kept on delayed hehehe....



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