Thursday, May 10, 2012

Japanese Melon Pan

This is LBT's challenge of the month
Not so simple as it looks, or as it sounds, hence my rather failed outcome pppffff...

But honestly, the taste is just great :)
it stayed soft til the next day -> this is the magic word for homemade bread LOL
DH who doesn't really have sweet tooth prefers the pastry layer to be thinner though, I too personally thought it should have been nicer if it's thinner

I made original with chocolate chips, chocolate and green tea (these are just the topping, the bread used was only the plain type)
I love the green tea in particular, which is the least preferred by my family

I used HHB's recipe for the bread, through Melly, and for the pastry layer, I used my LBT's friend recipe, Nina Yatomi, through my other friend, Venny Makarawo
I still tweaked the recipe a little to suit my preference

When I saw this, all the small little cracks, I knew I wouldn't make it this time....

But this one below was not too bad, even though it should have been smoother...

And true enough... I didn't make it for these two flavours hiks...

Below were my consolation, even though it's yet to be the fullest satisfaction...

This is the recipe which I have modified a little...

What you need:

For the bread:
300g bread flour
6g instant yeast
36g caster sugar
5g salt
6g milk powder
30g unsalted butter
200g fresh milk

For the pastry layer:
(this is only half recipe)
150g plain flour
2g baking powder
70g butter
65g icing sugar
30g eggs

1/2 tsp green tea powder
1/2 tsp chocolate essence
enough chocolate chips
enough caster sugar
First is to make the pastry layer first:
  1. Mix butter and sugar til smooth with electric beater / whisk
  2. Add in eggs, and sifted plain flour and baking powder, beat til smooth and well mixed
  3. Divide into 3, one is to mix with green tea powder, one with chocolate essence
  4. No need to add the last part with anything
  5. Keep each with cling wrap in the fridge for one hour
  6. Take out from the fridge, shape each 25g ball
  7. Put one ball on lightly floured surface, cover with plastic, and flatten with thin chopping board or plate
  8. Stack up with the rest of the flatten balls
  9. Keep back in the fridge for 30 minutes
Now make the bread:
  1. I kneaded and first proof the dough with my breadmaker
  2. After done, take out from the pan, knead briefly to release all air bubbles
  3. Shape into each 40g balls and proof for 20 minutes on a lined cookie sheet, give some distance in between around 10 cm, covered with damp clean cloth / plastic (no need to be doubled in size)
Time to assemble:
  1. Cover each ball with pastry layer, roll the top on a plate of caster sugar, put back on the sheet
  2. Decorate the pastry layer by pressing them with cookies cutter as desired
  3. For the original topping I just cut gently with table knife and put chocolate chips in each square
  4. Further proof for 20 minutes
  5. Bake in preheated oven of 180degC for 15 minutes or til golden brown
This link is very useful to find out how to assemble this bread: view HERE
I found this link in Melly's site - thks Melly :)
Perhaps I will try the recipe too the next time I do my second try, hope it'll turn out better
And after mastering the basic recipe, doing more variations for this bread would be nice, too
Wish me luck! :P


  1. I found champagne vinegar at my local grocery store but I'm sure you can order it online if you can't find it at your store.

  2. Very pretty, reminds me of the mexican bun (rotiboy) which I love!

    1. hi Jeannie, thks :)
      yeah, i must try to bake rotiboy too :)

  3. i think they look pretty cute especially the ones with choc chips!

  4. I also like the one with the chocolate chips - really really cute! and i think the cracks are fine - still looks good anyway!



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