Monday, June 13, 2011

Rolls With Nutella & Apricot Jam

I love baking bread, but my hands is far from talented when it comes to bread shaping, that's why if you notice, my bread are all with boring shapes *grin*
My favorite is rolls, easy and look nice hehe...just flatten the dough, spread the filling and roll :)
So, here it is - again, but this time I made with nutella and apricot jam fillings  :)

Soft texture til the next day...

Recipe for the bread base is from HERE

For the nutella filling, I brushed the top with mixture of beaten egg and fresh milk
For the apricot jam filling, I used apricot jam that has been put in microwave for 30 seconds and strained to get a smooth thick liquid

Yummy combination - when you think you have enough with the chocolatey nutella, you move to the tangy version of apricot - perfect with a cuppa! :)
As for how it looks - as boring as can be - whats most important for me is the whole family enjoy eating them :)

I'm submitting these buns to Aspiring Bakers #8 June'11 Bread Seduction hosted by Jasmine from The Sweetylicious at this LINK


  1. Your rolls look so soft and fluffy!! I don't mind any kind of shapes as long as they are yummy. After all, they will still end in my stomach. ;)

  2. They are lovely! Shapes do not matter much, as long as they are delicious and everyone loves them! And yours look so soft and nice! I would like some with my tea!

  3. This is a difficult choice and I like them both. I like the sticky taste of apricot jam and chocolate-nutty flavour of nutella. Too hard to choose...

  4. oh, i do not know how to make fancy shapes too, most of the times it's either a loaf or a bun but still taste is most important!

  5. hi Food For Tots, thks for dropping by :)
    haha, u're right! taste is still the 1st priority! :)

    hi Janine, thks! this recipe does make yummy bread!

    hi Zoe, too, but my kids love the nutella only :)

    hi Lena, hehe...i am still curious though - on how to shape pretty cute bread hehe...just need to fight my laziness :)
    yes, i agree - taste is still the most important :)

  6. the roll is super LOVELY! with NUTELLA (my favourite), i will eat NON STOP! :D

  7. hi Jasmine hahaha.... yeah, i think i nver find anybody who doesnt like nutella :)
    thks! :)



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