Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fancy Lapis Roll

Shoo shoo away laziness. Now it's time to blog again! Two full months of hiatus! In fact, a little more than that LOL

Okay, let me start with the biggest challenge of the year, making this lapis roll
I did lapis roll before, twice. You may view HERE and HERE
This time is completely different. It's the time for lapis roll with a twist
It's my first challenge from a baking group in IG I recently joined, homemadelovers

For this challenge, recipe was provided and many tutorial pictures generously shared by other members. I must thank them cos it's a really great help to visualize easier
So many pretty pictures of fanciful lapis rolls shared too as inspiration, some I can't even figure out how it can be done haha..
Baking is science. But for this particular bake, it's not only science but also math. Need to do some calculation to get it right!

For first timer like me, it's better to choose the simplest design. After reading many advice and tips from other members, looking at the tutorial pictures, reading the recipe carefully, I was ready to take up the challenge. And here it is


Not so perfect yet, but being first timer, I am pretty pleased. I in fact, cannot believe I managed to complete this task LOL

As for the taste, this cannot go wrong. Just look at the amount of butter and egg yolks used!
It's so moist, rich, soft and delicious. Super yummy!
This cake is better to consume the next day and not to be consumed cold. Room temperature or warm is the best!

Source: IG @deasylo
(makes 2 rolls)

What you need:

350g butter (I used Golden Churn)
125g icing sugar

25 egg yolks
125g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

70g plain flour
50g milk powder
1 tsp all spice powder (I added)

For filling: strawberry jam OR sweet condensed milk (I used jam)


Grease 3 baking pans (2pcs of 22cm square pans and 1pc of 20cm square pan) with butter, line with baking paper and sprinkle flour over it

Making the batter:
In a bowl, beat A until white and fluffy
In a separate bowl, beat B until fluffy and stiff
Add in sifted C to mixture B, add in A too and fold in gently until well mixed

Baking the cake:
Scoop out some batter (16 tbsp) -> this is reserved for the 2pcs of the 22cm baking pans to make the outer skin, set aside

Making the inside lapis:
  • Preheat the oven together to 180degC with the 20cm square pan in it for about 15mins
  • Add 4tbsp of the batter to the pan and bake with top and bottom heat til brown (rotate if needed)
  • Take out the pan and gently press the cake with presser
  • Repeat that but using top heat only this time, until the batter finished (oven temp 180 to 200degC)
  • After that, final bake only using bottom heat for 7 to 10mins
  • Remove from the oven and transfer to a cooling rack. After cooled, cut into 12 equal long parts
Making the skin:
  • Heat the 2 pans using top and bottom heat for 15mins and start baking using top and bottom heat with temp of 180degC by adding 4tbsp of the batter reserved for the skin to each pan, bake til brown
  • Take out the pan and press gently
  • Continue with another 4tbsp of batter using only top heat til brown (each pan will have 2 layers). Try not to bake too long as it will be too dry to roll (can crack)
  • Remove from oven, transfer to cooling rack and let cool
How to assembly:
  • Thinly spread jam over the skin layer. Take cut layer cake (6pcs) and arrange in opposite direction
  • Grease the top and sides of the arranged cut layer cake with jam, also in between stacks
  • Slowly wrap it up as how you do with rolled cake
  • Wrap with clingwrap, gently press all sides and keep for a few hours before cutting into slices

This is not only nice looking lapis (I can boast a little right? haha), but very delicious too :)

Pretty? :)
This looks complicated cake, but it's seriously not that bad. Of course practice makes perfect, and another fact about lapis that you cannot deny, it's time consuming, I spent about 3hours to complete. It needs more patience and you must have a kind of heatproof body as you will need to stay in front of the oven most of the baking time :)
Other than that, when following the instruction closely, everybody can do it, nothing is impossible :)


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