Monday, June 27, 2011

Rolled Crepes With Coconut Filling (Kueh Dadar Intih)

Remember my coconut buns?
I still had some leftover coconut filling, and decided to make kueh dadar intih
In Indonesia, we call it 'dadar gulung' (gulung means - rolled)

My coconut filling was white in color whereas usually this snack has brown coconut filling (done with palm sugar)
But, it's only color - taste is just as yummy so I just proceeded :)
Found some several recipes, then decided to try Hesti's (yes, again! ^_^)
Thanks Hesti for the yummy recipe and also the tips :)

Yes I know, I gotta practise in the rolling part :P

The coconut filling I made was initially for buns filling so it's a little more moist than the normally coconut filling for kueh dadar 

What you need: (modified a little)

150g plain flour
1 egg
150ml water
125ml coconut milk (I used Kara)
1/4tsp salt
1 tbsp sweet condensed milk
1 tbsp butter - melted
1 tsp pandan paste

Mix all the ingredients above
Heat flat non stick pan, spoon 1/4cup of batter into the pan and tilt the pan around to form a circle - flip and cook the other side
Once cooled, fill with coconut and roll

To achieve the perfect texture (with perforated holes on the crepes), make sure the pan is real hot when pouring the batter and immediately turn it to low heat - mantain at low heat throughout cooking process
The thickness of the crepes has to be just nice - too thin, it can burn very easily when cooked - too thick, it can break during rolling
It all depends on the batter - the thicker the batter is, the thicker crepes you'll get, the thinner the batter is, the thinner the crepes

I love this snack - love love love! :)
Next time, I will use the original recipe for the filling - definitely will be much yummier :)


  1. It's been a long time since I had yummy,I like this kueh!

  2. Kueh Dadar is always a Nonya classic! Making thin crepes and rolling them can be tricky and you did very well for these kuehs.

  3. I like these too. I have been wanting to do these for the longest time ever but always don't have the time. Seeing yours now make me so tempted to start on them soon !

  4. hi Cindy, yes, my fave too - thks! :)

    hi Zoe, thks! i personally think the rolling is still far from satisfactory hehe... but its really yum! :)

    hi Joyce, cant wait to see ur posting on this - thks! :)

    hi Sonia, hubby loves this so much too! :)



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