Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chicken Buns, Sausage Buns

Time for savoury buns :)
Initial plan was chicken buns, but with some extra dough, I managed to add some sausage buns too :)

With generous chicken filling :)

With sausage filling

Love the texture of the buns and how the chicken taste oh so good with them
The sausage was a little too plain for me, I guess I will add something else next time, perhaps mayonnaise or something - anyhow, all gone pretty fast without any complain :)

Recipe for the buns can be viewed HERE
And for the chicken filling, the recipe can be viewed HERE (the one used for omelette filling but I changed to chicken)
As for the sausage, I just used normal frozen chicken sausage - the whole piece :)

I'm submitting these buns to  Aspiring Bakers #8 June'11 Bread Seduction hosted by Jasmine from The Sweetylicious at this LINK


  1. Your buns looks wonderful and perfectly baked. Lovely golden colour and looks so soft and fluffy!
    Great for breakfast and tea-time snack!

  2. Both types of buns look very yummy! Your chicken buns are so loaded with filling. I want some too! ;)

  3. this look so lovely! i love sausage buns! (:

  4. hi Janine, thks - they have been treated as all day and night snack hihihi... :)

    hi Food For Tots, thks :) yeah, the advantage of baking homemade bread - can put lots of filling :)

    hi Jasmine - thks! this is good, u take the sausage, i eat the chicken hehehehe... :)



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