Monday, June 6, 2011

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Ian is extremely delighted everytime seeing those frozen nuggets in the cold section everytime we visit supermarket
He is really into savoury stuff, will gobble whatever salty, tasty, deep fried - gosh!
Well, even though still fried, but if I can make myself, I at least I know whats going inside his lil tummy (no so little actually *grin*)

Saw Melly made this, so I gave it a try, and no regret, not only Ian loves it, the whole family do :)

Original recipe is from Cik Wiwik, another online friend of mine from LBT group

What you need:
(this is Melly's version which has been modified a little)

500g chicken breast - blend til smooth
1 big carrot - peel, cut small and pulse in the proccessor
2 eggs + 2 egg yolks - beaten (set aside the egg whites for coating later on)
approx 1 tbsp fried onion - pulse in the proccessor
1 tsp white pepper
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp fish sauce
1/4 tsp chicken stock powder
2 tbsp sago flour / tapioca starch
4 tbsp breadcrumbs (coarse Japanese type)
5 tbsp mayonnaise
2 eggs - beaten, mix with the remaining egg whites earlier on -> for coating
extra bread

Mix all ingredients til well incorporated, arrange on square pan (I used 18cm)
(Put a sheet of transparent heatproof plastic on the pan before pouring the batter - lightly oil the plastic)
Steam on high heat for 15minutes
Let cool - cut (I just cut  small rectangular shape cos my pan is small hence the thick batter, if you have bigger steamer, you can use bigger pan in order to get thinner batter spread and you can use cookies cutter to shape)
Dip each piece into beaten eggs, after that roll onto breadcrumbs til evenly coated
Keep in the freezer in the container for 30minutes
Deep fry til golden brown
Eat with bottled chilli sauce

This is great since I can add veggies in it - Ian hates greens, even though he doesn't mind carrots and corn as well as a little brocolli
This time I added carrots, next time I will add corn kernels :)

Really tasty treat - crunchy on the outside, soft and juicy inside!
So glad I can prepare a so called 'least preferred' dish by Health Promotion Board - right at home! :)

Btw, I made some with corn and fried "the healthy way" using Happy Call pan, it's as delicious :)


  1. making everything from scratch is definitely the best way to really know whats going on in everybody's stomach! this looks delicious! i bet ian is begging you to make another round of these!

  2. I bet the kids will love these...They look so delicious!

  3. I like to eat chicken nuggets everything when I see it at frozen food dept I am very tempted to bring home one pack.

    Ur home-made version looks far better. I have bookmarked this recipe but don't think will make anytime soon as my whole family is coughing.

  4. wouw, your nuggets look really great.

  5. Mbak Alice...I made this once (with a different recipe)...but kids didn't like it. They still prefer bought store nuggets...apa daya. Mungkin karena banyak MSGnya jadi punya toko lebih enak ya...tapi kapan2 pingin coba resep mbak, koyo'e uuueeenak...pake kaldu dikit yah...

  6. This looks yummy! Definitely a winner, dip in chili sauce, must be so good! Not only kids love nuggets, but big kids like me absolutely love nuggets too! Thanks for sharing!

  7. hi Lina, thks! i was pretty prepared i made 2 recipes and kept them in the freezer, when Ian ask, i just take it out and deep fry them :P

    hi Zoe, thks! yes, not only the kids but the whole family haha :)

    hi Angel, yeah better dun make first, this one tickles throat! :)

    hi Mba Retno, thks ya :)

    hi Hesti, cobain deh, ini empuk dalemnya! yg beli di spmarket aja gak seempuk ini :)
    kaldunya aku kurangin, resep aslinya malah 1 sdt, aku kurangin jadi 1/4 sdk teh :)

    hi Janine, thks! haha...yeah, nuggets is really difficult to resist :)

  8. Hi, my kids love nugget too.Well will try to make for them..Thanks for sharing.

  9. hi Cindy, thks - hopefully u all like it ya :)

  10. this is great !! like you said, you can add in veggies if you like!

  11. hi lena, yes indeed - thks ya :)



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