Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crepes With Custard Filling

Bought this crepe premix at Daiso:

Tried half the package, was pretty satisified with the result but I had a strong feeling the amount of butter suggested is a mistake printed - it turned out to be super oily cos of the butter
Had to pat dry with kitchen towel before fill them up with the custard

The custard filling made from the same recipe as fruit tarts I made sometime back

Drizzled with raspberry jam put in microwave for 30seconds...

And this is drizzled with chocolate condensed milk I ever talked about here

What you need:

1/2 package of crepe premix (100g)
1 eggs
150ml fresh milk
1 cup melted butter (this resulted in super oily and buttery crepes - I will definitely reduce this when I make the remaining premix to 1/4cup instead)

Break egg into large mixing bowl - whisk well
Add milk and mix thoroughly
Add crepe mix and stir well til smooth texture is achieved
Add melted butter abd stir til evenly distributed
Coat preheated frying pan with a little butter and scoop 1 ladle of batter onto pan
Tilt pan to spread batter evenly. Cook over low heat til underside of the crepe is light brown
Turn crepe and cook til light brown

Such a sinful yummilicious treat!
Next time I feel like adding some fruits into the custard filling such as strawberry or peach

This is actually my first time making crepes
Gonna make the remaining premix and then after that I will make crepes from the scratch hehe...


  1. Custard crepes. YUM. i didnt even know that a premix crepes is available. how convenient!

  2. thks Angel :)

    hi Lina, yeah, I happened to see this at Daiso
    not bad at all! :)

  3. look yummylicious! like crustabakes, i also never knew there's premix convenient!

  4. thks lena, yes its indeed convenient !
    actually my 1st intention in buying the premix was to master the making of the thin as paper crepes first - not so easy hehe...
    my 1st pc was as thick as blanket and the next few pieces were torn into pieces haha...
    the one in the pictures were the few last pcs when i was kind of getting the hang of it hihihi....



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