Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grilled Banana

Still using the same banana as what I used in the bread I made the other day, I made grilled banana too
Another big hit among Indonesians :P

Sweet juicy pisang raja...

Grill peeled ripe bananas over low fire on both sides for approx 3 minutes for each side
Put them in a clean plastic bag and using a flat heavy object press them lightly til flatten (I used chopping board)
Take them out from the plastic bag, arrange on serving tray, lather some margarine on them and put topping as desired
I & DH still preferred choco rice+cheese
Many Indonesians (Javanese mostly) do with a combo of pineapple jam+icing sugar
I separated those two since I personally said it's just too much hehe....

Another sinful and yummy treat - especially if you have a sweet tooth! :)


  1. I have never tried grilled banana before. This sounds delicious and interesting to me.

  2. Choco rice + cheese + condensed milk for the win! :D It's the Indonesian in me ;)

  3. hi alice,

    I love grilled bananas, especially with bread. I had it once with a burger and its delicious! this is a nice treat =]

    Thanks for passing the lovely blog award to me. Appreciate it alot.

  4. another great idea to eat bananas!

  5. hi Zoe, thks! it is very yummy but cost me at least 1 hour of aerobic session haha...

    hi Rita, same here! oh ya, i forgot to mention i did drizzle condensed milk too :)

    hi Bakertan, no problem - you deserve it - such an inspiration to me! :)
    u had the grilled banana with burger? that's someth new to me
    in Indonesia, they sandwich with toast :)

    hi lena, thks :)



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