Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mum's Signature Barbeque Chicken & Chicken Ball Soup

Just wanna share my mum's signature dish - barbeque chicken - her own creation
Using some secret ingredients, this dish is a hit among her friends, and by words of mouth, this dish has been giving her good business :)

She cooked this dish many times for us and we never get tired of it :)
This time, again, and still enjoyable
I added simple chicken ball soup to go with it

What you need:

1 chicken bone
3 cloves of garlic - crushed
1 pack chicken balls
1 pack bokchoy - cut
oil, water, salt, pepper

Boil a pot of water with chicken bone in it - discard all the floating residue
Stir fry garlic on heated frying pan with oil til fragrant
Add in the fried garlic on the chicken stock
Add in chicken balls - simmer til balls floating up
Season with salt and pepper
Add in bokchoy, bring to boil
Off heat


  1. ohhh looks absolutely yummy! i can eat this with lotssss of rice!

  2. hi rita....u're right! the chicken the best eaten with rice, lots of rice hehe....

  3. hey i love home cooked meals, make me miss my mom's cooking :P

  4. Hi Jean, yeah... everytime my mum comes in town, I'm always stuffed! :P



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