Sunday, April 3, 2011

Deep Fried Tilapia & Sayur Lodeh

A great combo that requires strong determination to stop adding rice to your plate :P

Deep fried tilapia with flour coating - so crispy on the outside and soft inside
Saw this at Ricke's blog - nice treat when you don't really count calories hehe....

What you need:
(with a little modification)

1 black tilapia, clean and cut into 3
juice of 1 large lime

Blend together:
4 cloves of garlic
1cm yellow ginger
1cm blue ginger
salt, pepper

For coating:
50g rice flour
2 tbsp plain flour
2 cloves of garlic - crush till smooth
1 tsp coriander seeds - crush til smooth
1/2 tsp baking powder (I added)
1 beaten egg (I added)
Mix all ingredients above with water - keep stirring til it forms a rather thick liquid

enough vegetable oil for frying

Coat the fish with juice of large lime - set aside for approx 15mins
Wash til clean and tap dry with kitchen tissue
Coat with the blended ingredients - set aside for around 1 hour in the fridge ( I did this in the morning and keep in the fridge til late afternoon)
Just before frying, dip the coated fish with the flour mixture, deep dry til crisp and golden brown

Best eaten with chilli dip: cut bird's eye chilli (either red / green) + cut shallots + sweet soya sauce (kecap manis)

That day we ate the fish with another dish, we Indonesians call it, Sayur Lodeh
It's a vegetable dish cooked in coconut milk

What you need:

1 clove of garlic - cut thinly
5 shallots - cut thinly
2 big red chillies - throw away the seeds
100ml coconut milk mixed with some water (I used Kara coconut milk) - I try not to cook with thick coconut milk hence the small amount of coconut milk used
1/2 block palm sugar,
1 tsp fried prawn paste (belachan)
salt, a little sugar
1 big eggplant - diced
100g bamboo shoot, cut thinly
approx 10pcs of long beans, cut
1 handful of petai - halved (I couldn't get petai that day so mine no petai hiks...)

Boil a pot of water together with garlic, shallots and red chillies
Add in petai and bambooshoot, followed by palm sugar, prawn paste, salt, sugar and coconut milk
Bring to boil again
Add in long beans and eggplant, stir well and adjust taste accordingly, check the softness of all vegetables
Once the vegetables cooked and the desired taste achieved, off heat

Great to eat this vegetable dish with sweet soya sauce (kecap manis) and prawn paste chilli sauce (sambal belachan)

Those want to try, please cook more rice :)

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