Saturday, April 9, 2011

Indonesian Style Hot & Sour Soup (Sayur Asem)

You're not Indonesian if you never try this soup before - it's a trademark in Indonesia, just like tomyum soup in Thailand (they actually taste similar, with a strong hint of sour and spicy taste)

What you need:

6 shallots
2 big red chillies, throw away the seeds
a little fried prawn paste (belachan)
6 candlenuts - chopped

1 tomatoes, cut into 8
a pot of water
tomato ketchup, palm sugar, sugar
tamarind -> mix with half bowl of water, strain

cut as desired: long beans, cabbage, chayote
sweet corns - cut into 4pcs
wing beans - cut and trim the leafy edges

Bring a pot of water to boil, add in the blended ingedients
Add in sweet corns, chayote, wing beans
Followed by long beans and cabbage, tomatoes
Add in tomato ketchup, palm sugar, sugar, salt
When the vegetables are half cooked, add in tamarind water
Stir well - adjust the taste
Bring the soup to boiling, when the vegetables is cooked, off heat

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