Monday, June 11, 2012

Kahlua Snaps W/ Chocolate Chips Cream (Happy Call)

LBT challenge this month, something I never know of, never eat either, brandy snaps
But since I replaced brandy with kahlua, I renamed this sweet treat accordingly :)

To be honest, none of my family members liked this when it's just cooked, hard and too sweet
But the next day after kept in the fridge overnight, it turned soft even though it's still sweet
When it's soft, I didn't mind eating it but not more than two bites, it's way too sweet for my liking
Abby quite liked it, too, but couldn't eat much either
DH and Ian didn't even want to eat after their first try
The biggest fan and kept munching on this was my mum, followed by my sis
The usage of kahlua altered the taste to coffee candies like and my mum is a big fan of coffee candy, in fact she is a candy eater
While DH and I, including my kids dislike any kind of candies, perhaps some soft chewable candies occasionally but definitely those hard candies

I made this using Happy Call Pan, original recipe used oven
It's quite a challenge initially, after at least five attempts, I finally managed to make a better shape
I used individual muffin mould, put it upside down and arrange the snaps on top
Original recipe rolled the flat snaps with wooden rolling pin

Here's the recipe, shared by my LBT friends...

What you need:

120g butter
3 tbsp maple syrup (or golden syrup / honey)
70g plain flour
100g sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract (original recipe used ginger powder)
2 tbsp kahlua (original recipe used brandy / rum)
  1. Heat butter and maple syrup in a small pot til butter melts, off heat
  2. Add in flour, sugar, vanilla extract, and kahlua, keep stirring til mixed well, set aside for 15 minutes (the batter became thick and sticky)
  3. Heat pan (low heat), brush lightly with butter, scoop 1 tbsp of batter at the centre of the pan and observe
  4. The batter will slowly get wider and holes formed, and color turns golden brown
  5. Off heat and leave it on the pan for 30 seconds, lift up using wide spatula and transfer to the muffin mould (upside down)
  6. Shape accordingly and let cool, then remove the mould
For the filling, original recipe used whipped cream
I whipped dairy whipping cream and mixed with chocolate chips. The cream somehow turned a little lumpy - perhaps I overbeat, but never mind, it still tastes good :)

Another challenge, great experience, but I don't think these snaps will be in my family favorite list...well, perhaps it will in my mum's favorite list instead :)


  1. The kahlua baskets were nicely presented! May be next time can reduce the sugar!

    1. thks Jessie! i'm not sure whether or not it will affect the texture if i reduce the sugar cos this is caramelized sugar :)

  2. Your Kahlua snaps looks so cute! I love Kahlua! A great twist to Brandy Snaps!

  3. That looks pretty! I love the lacy look. Such a great idea for ice cream. maybe can squeeze lemon juice over the ice cream for cut down the sweetness...hehe

    1. hi Mary, thks :) yes! this goes perfectly with ice cream! lemon juice added will be an extra point too :)

  4. Hi Alice, love your kahlua basket, very creative ideal. It look very cute and pretty too.

    Have a nice day.



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