Friday, June 15, 2012

Glass Noodle Soup

I had gastric attack last night, giving me bad headache too
Today I feel better, but still feel a little unwell, uncomfortable feeling in the tummy and my head still feel heavy
Those have gastric problem will know that after effect from gastric attack can take quite awhile, as if it leaves scar inside

This dish I cooked today is simple to make - I don't feel like cooking something tedious
And most of all, it's really delicious
Recipe is from Sonia's site - I was literally drooling when I saw her posting in this soup dish

A yummy, hearty and healthy dish you must try!

What you need:

150g soya beans, soak for 4 hours
a handful of dried anchovies (ikan bilis)
3 litre of water
2 large onions, peeled and halved
2 tsp salt to taste

fried fishballs
chilli fishballs
fishcake, cut
tong choy (preserved vegetables)
spring onion, chopped
red chillis, cut

garlic oil
fish sauce

glass noodles, blanched in hot water
  1. Bring to boil soya beans, ikan bilis, onion and water
  2. Add salt and simmer for 2 hours
  3. Blanch fishballs and fishcakes in the soup
  4. To serve, mix glass noodles with garlic oil and fish sauce
  5. Add in soup with fishballs, fishcake
  6. And sprinkle with tong choy, spring onion and red chillis
  7. Serve hot
I gave my kids without the tong choy, spring onion and red chillis
I added a little rice and blanched brocolli

This soup really made me feel better :)


  1. I scrolled down to look at what you have cooked during my absent from blogsphere. You are really wonderful. All look so beautiful and yummy, including this bowl of grass noodle soup.

    1. hi Yan, thks so much for your kind word :)

  2. o how yummy with fish balls! I would love some too!

  3. Oh dear, hope you recover soon!

  4. Do hope that you are fully recovered by now. Not sure this method works or not but touch wood, if this happens again(hope not), try to bend like a child with hands holding your knees, head down. It helped me to relieve the pain when I had the gastric attack! Oh, 1 mote thing, try to avoid chillies, do I sound like your mum?

    1. hi Jessie, thks! yes i naturally did like what you said, it helped to relieve the pain :)
      chillies, i avoid as long as i can, those the spicy one only
      do i sound like one rebellious kid? LOL

  5. Hope you are ok now! Love your simple noodle soup. Take care.

    1. hi Anuja, thks for your kind word :)
      this soup is so simple yet so tasty yum yum... :P

  6. Mmmmm...Just what I would love to have for lunch! It looks very delicious.

  7. Poor Alice! Hope you are much better now, avoid chili and fried food. Your noodles soup looks so delicious! Take care!

  8. some light stuff like this one should be good for your stomach. do enjoy and take care :)

    Latest: Summer Splash from Paris

    1. hello, thks for dropping by :)
      and also for your kind word :)

  9. Having gastric still eating chill? Very brave of you! I just recovered from a mild bout of food poisoning too and still feeling a bit cranky, this soupy dish would be so welcomed right now! have a relaxing weekend!

    1. hi Jeannie, hahaha...those chillis are large chillis, no effect for me LOL
      bird's eye chillis is the killer :)
      oh this is a great soup for cranky girls too LOL

  10. Get well sooooon Aliceeee ^_^... eat plenty of papaya, this will help with the acid reflux ; take care

    1. hi Nashreen, thank youuuuu :P
      oh really papaya can help? i dunno
      thks for the info, will keep that in mind :P

  11. This is my all time comfort food! Slurp...



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