Monday, June 18, 2012

Green Bean Soup & Pulut Hitam

Yesterday was Father's Day
Hope everybody had a great time celebrating :)

Too bad I was not in the perfect state of mind to bake for DH, luckily he 's so understanding - as always :)
So he just enjoyed the remaining apple pear crumble I made on Saturday and this Asian dessert LOL

This dessert always sold separately, but it's great to be eaten together :)
Pulut hitam is the name I came to know here in Singapore, it's the name for black glutinuous rice dessert. Back in Indonesia, we name it differently

What you need:

100g green beans
100g black glutinuous rice
6 pandan leaves, torn
150ml coconut milk (I used Kara brand)
sugar, palm sugar, a thumb size of old ginger, a little salt, water
  1. In two separate pots, bring to boil water with green beans and black glutinuous rice, simmer til soft and water only a little bit left
  2. Add in pandan leaves, followed by sugar and palm sugar to both pots (ration 3:1 - only when they're already soft)
  3. In another pot, mix coconut milk with water (thickness adjusted according to preference, I don't like too thick, so I diluted the coconut milk quite a bit) and sprinkle a little salt, and add in pandan leaves, bring to boil over low heat, stir
  4. To serve, scoop green beans and pulut hitam into serving bowl and pour coconut milk over
  5. Serve warm

I’m submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #20: Asian dessert buffet! (June 2012) hosted by Moon of Food Playground


  1. Never had this dessert before. Hubby not a dessert lover, so I made him burger instead.

    1. hi Angeline, perhaps he'll love dessert after trying this out LOL

  2. Its interesting to mix the 2 desserts. It looks delicious!

  3. Hi Alice,
    When I was young, there was an old auntie going round with her pots selling these sweet desserts. We love to mix the pulut hitam, trigu (wheat) and green beans together, sometimes with red beans too! Have not eaten them mixed up like this in decades! Thanks for the sweet reminder!

  4. It's nice to know that you are from Indonesia! I haven't had pulut hitam with coconut milk for such a long time now. Can I have a big bowl? I'm going to post Bubur Cha Cha(or Bo Bo Cha Cha) either tomorrow morning or night, so may be we can exchange the dessert soup later!

    1. hi Jessie, hahaha, u want a big bowl gotta fight with my family first LOL
      waaa i love bo bo cha cha! going to your blog now :)

  5. I have to tell you, I love all sweet desserts like this. I never try combine these two desserts. It definitely looks good after combining. I must try this one day.

    1. hi Yan, hope u like the combination as much as I do :)

  6. Oh, I had green bean soup today too. Love it. I used pressure cooker to cook so the beans are very soft. Next time I must try with pulut hitam too. Yours look very delicious.

    1. hi MaryMoh, thks :)
      oh i must try pressure cooker, why i never think of that
      it must have been faster in cooking and so soft too! thks!



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