Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bake Along #26 - Apple & Pear Maple Walnuts Crumble

I am allright now, thank God my gastric attack was not so serious, even though I still have to be extra careful on the amount of food I take each time, a little bit too much or too late will bring back the nightmare again wew...
Thanks for the concerns from everybody, I appreciate it so much :)

So, in the kitchen today...
I made this dessert this afternoon for Bake Along event
Recipe is from the book  "Bon Appetit Desserts" by Barbara Fairchild

It just happened that I had some NZ fuji apples, so I decided to use together with the pears
I used Australia packham pears this time, crunchy and sweet
Even though no ice cream supply at home - as you know, crumble is the best eaten with ice cream - I still enjoyed eating them..
This should be even better used as pie filling!

Unfortunately I totally forgot to reduce the amount of sugar and maple syrup, so it's a tad sweet to me, the sweetness from the apples and the pears I used did contribute to the sweetness definitely
The next time I bake this again, I will reduce both the sugar and also the syrup, also adding the amount of walnuts used

Also, I found crystalized ginger by luck in one supermarket, so I used in this bake
And no regret, really a good choice :)

To me, the star of this bake is the crunchy chopped walnuts
It's such a delicious thing to add in crumble. Munching on it and feeling the crunch in every bite is really heavenly! I wish I used more walnuts! :)

I only baked half recipe and it's more than enough to feed the whole house plus sharing with my mum, dad and sis

What you need:
(below is half recipe which I have modified for future use)

For the topping:
1/2 cup plain flour
1 cup walnuts
50g packed golden brown sugar
58g chilled unsalted butter, cut into cubes

For the filling:
750g apples & pears, firm and ripe - peeled and cut into cubes 1/2 inch
(I used 3 packham pears and 2 medium size NZ fuji apples)
60ml maple syrup
1/4 cup golden raisins
1 tbsp plain flour
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/2 tbsp finely chopped crystalized ginger

Ice cream to serve

  1. Pulse walnuts in food processor til turned to pieces (not so small)
  2. Mix in with plain flour, sugar and butter and mix with fork / wooden spoon til small moist clumps formed
  3. Transfer to medium bowl and cover, chill for an hour
  4. Preheat oven to 175degC
  5. Place pears, apples, maple syrup, raisins, flour, lemon juice, ginger in large bowl, toss to coat
  6. Let stand 15 minutes and toss ocassionally
  7. Transfer pears apples mixture to baking dish, sprinkle topping over
  8. Bake til pears and apples tender, juices bubble thickly and topping golden and crisp, approximately 30 minutes
  9. Let stand for 10 minutes
  10. Serve warm with ice cream

Here's the links below to view other delicious crumbles :)


  1. Hi Alice, Just wanted to call it a night when I saw your submission! Glad to know that you are much better now!
    Your crumbles looks lovely, the combination of pears and apples must be really yum! Everyone seems to like the crunchy top! Feel like having this again!
    Thank you for baking along with us! Good night!

    1. hi Joyce, thks :) agree 1000%, its really yumy! :P

  2. Hi Alice, hope you're getting better.

    Your crumble look delicious. The fruits combination look great.

    Have a nice weekend. Take care.

  3. Alice, feel glad that you are all right now. Crunchy crumble is always taste good with ice cream...without ice cream it can be as tasty as it can be too. I love tommunch the nuts in my mouth as well.

    1. hi Angeline, thks :)
      hehe... your comment makes me drooling now to have this again, this time with ice cream :)

  4. Dear Alice, hope you're getting better now. Please take care.

    Your crumble look delicious. I hope you cheer up after having this wonderful dessert :)

    1. hi Riceball, thks for your kind word
      oh yes, definitely :)

  5. Hi Alice, hope you are feeling better, get well soon! Mmmm I really love this crumble too, though I haven't tried to bake it with pears... haha. Yours look really lovely and delicious!

    1. hi Jasline, thks :) try with pears, no regret at all! :)

  6. alice, i'm having this gastritis problem too on and off and for the past one week, have not been feeling too good, hence did not put up any post as i only do last minutes post:( Yeah, the nuts made the crumble very nice and am glad to hear that you still enjoyed it despite a little sweet. You take care, too!

    1. hi Lena, oh dear this gastritis problem is really annoying cos the after effect can take a long time sigh... hope u're fine now
      take care :)

  7. I love the addition of pear and walnuts. Sounds so delicious and irresistible! Got to give it a try. Hope you're well now. Do take care!; )

    1. Food For Tots, thks :) hope u like this recipe :)

  8. Glad to know that you are feeling better. Gastritis problem could be really annoying.
    The crumble looks delectable and irresistible.

  9. Oh dear! I hope you get better. Despite all, you are still baking and made such a beautiful crumble. Kudos to your passion for baking :D

    1. hi Zoe, thks :) i missed many bake along events in the beginning, i dun want that to happen again :)

  10. Hope you're feeling better now! Your crumble looks wonderful.



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