Friday, May 20, 2011

Milo Double Chocolate Chips Muffin

Happened to see this muffin at SSB's site - one look and..bookmarked :)
Milo and chocolate chips - both my kids' fave, of course I will not miss! :)
The great comments I read are all nothing but true - this is one muffin everybody has to try - easy and yummy!

Look at the texture! Soft and moist *slurp*

Original recipe is from Happy Home Baking
(makes 12 muffins)

What you need:

270g self raising flour
30g Milo
1 tsp baking powder
55g butter
80g sugar
150g milk + semi sweet chocolate chips
2 eggs, lightly beaten
225 ml milk
1 tsp vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 200degC. Arrange paper muffin cups on muffin pan
Mix flour, Milo and baking powder in a large bowl
Rub in the butter with your fingertips until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs
Stir in sugar and chocolate chips
In a small bowl, whisk together eggs, milk and vanilla extract. Pour the mixture all at once into the dry ingredients. Mix quickly until just blended. Do not overmix
Spoon bater evenly into the prepared muffin pan and bake for 15mins or until golden brown and skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean
Cool in the pan for 10mins then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely

I'm submitting these muffins to Aspiring Bakers #7 – Chocolate Delight (May 2011) hosted by DG from Tested & Tasted at this LINK


  1. love the gooey sticky melted chocolate chips in between...looks really delicious!

  2. Double choc-chips means double deliciousness...:D)! I agree with Jean, the gooey chocolate looks so yummy!

  3. I haven't try on making muffins with this method. What a lovely muffins with little butter. I always like low fat contents of cake.

  4. this looks so yummylicious! bookmarked as well!

  5. Look at the chocolate chips, are so inviting!!

  6. hi Jean, CG, thks! yes, I also love the chocolate chips in it - really alot of them! :)

    hi Vivian, yeah, surprisingly the amount of butter used is not much! very good choice for weight watchers hehe...

    hi Jess, yummylittlecooks..thks! :)

  7. These milo chocolate muffins look moist & yummy!

  8. i dont think you can go wrong with chocolate chips and milo. What a great combination!

  9. hi Doris and Lina...thks for the nice comments - indeed this muffin is yummy! :P



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