Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brioche Bread (Bread maker)

PHEWWWWW!!! Finally blogger is working...
Even though all the comments in my latest two postings are gone, at least they put back the content after gone missing!!!

Okay, let's move on from here...
I always love brioche
Soft, fluffy and taste nice with a very slight hint of sweetness - the whole family loves this brioche loaf

After torn apart *grin*

What you need:
(750g loaf)

200ml fresh milk
2 eggs
120g butter, melted
500g bread flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
60g sugar
2 tsp instant dried yeast

Using breadmaker:
Pour milk, eggs, butter to bread pan
Followed by flour, salt, sugar and lastly yeast
Choose programme for 'sweet bread' and choose light color crust
Press start
Take the loaf out from the pan as soon as it's finished baking, and leave to cool for 30 - 45mins before cutting
Keep the balance in airtight container or sealed plastic bag

This bread is the best to consume on the same day :)


  1. looks good and fluffy too! i quite like the buttery taste.

  2. hi Lena, thks - yes, its really soft, but the next day need to microwave first to get the same softness - still taste the same though :)



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