Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shark's Fin Soup

First of all, I wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day - hope you all had a wonderful time today :)

Cooking this soup since there's dried shark's fin and dried shitake mushroom been lying in the drawer since Chinese New Year time hehe...

What you need:

30g shark's fin - soaked in warm water
15pcs dried shitake mushroom - soaked in warm water til soften and cut thinly
200g pork loin - cut small
200g chicken breast - cut small
1 onion - julienned
5 cloves of garlic - crushed
1 medium china wongbok - discard the leaves, cut small
6 breakfast ham, cut thinly
a pot of water, oil, salt, pepper, light soya sauce, sugar, chicken stock powder, a few dashes of chinese cooking wine, cornflour mixed with a little water

On a medium fire, bring a pot of water to boil
Heat oil in a pan, stir fry garlic and onion til fragrant - pour in the pot with boiled water
Add in pork and chicken, stir and cook for a few minutes
Add in shark's fin and mushroom, stir well and cook for a few more minutes
Add in salt, pepper, light soya sauce, a little sugar, a little chicken stock powder, cooking wine - adjust the taste
When it's about to boil, add in cut wongbok - stir well, bring to boil
Pour cornflour mixture - stir well til thicken
Adjust the taste again, bring to boil
Off heat
Sprinkle cut ham on the soup before eating

I'm not sure whether it's the original recipe - got the recipe from my mum, but the whole family enjoyed this soup so much - it's good enough :)


  1. First of all, happy mother's day to you Alice dear.

    Speaking of shark fin soup, the memory of me trying to make this soup some 15 years ago, came to mind! Someone had given me some tips as how to prepare this soup. She had said, if you want to make the soup slightly jelly-ish or thick, add a bit of agar-agar inside. And me, that time, not so clever in cooking or baking, just simply followed what she had told without any hesitation. When I put a bit of agar-agar, the soup stays watery and I add more and kept adding more until the more became so much! Hahaha.. ended up throwing away the whole pot of shark fin soup because it was more like Agar-agar Shark Fin!!!! Huhuhu... what a waste!

  2. This is one of my favorite soups; I have really missed it since moving to the United States.

  3. hi MamaFaMi, thks for dropping by :)
    oh, i never heard about the agar agar trick - haha, i cant imagine eating agar agar shark's fin LOL :)

    hi Angela, thks for dropping by :) too long time ago since the last time i ate this soup :P

  4. Happy Mother's day to you too. This is a dish I will never cook at home because my husband doesn't eat this. I only can enjoy when I attend wedding dinnner, hehehe..

  5. Slurpphh...ngiler mbak. Pingin tapi di sini gak ada sirip ikan...*glek

    Mbak boleh nanya gak? Aku suka fitur di sebelah kanan blognya mbak. Bagian 'fab blog' yang ada foto dan link blog2 keren...tapi gimana cara taruh di blog ya? Aku udah cari di add gadget kok ngga ada ya...

    Hellppph dong mbak...please please please **

  6. hi Sonia, thks for dropping by :)
    yes, wedding dinner must have it is :)

    hi Hesti, aku email kamu ya...minta emailnya dong :) aku jg ada diajarin ama salah satu blogger tuh pas baru bbrp bulan ngeblog hehehe...

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  8. thanks so much for sharing! never tried this at home, afraid i might just spoil the whole soup and the sharksfin wasted. looking at this now, feels like having one..

  9. Asyek...asyek...asyek...makasih banyak ya mbak.
    Emang kemarin aku cariin alamat email mbak, tapi gak ketemu jadi lewat komen akhirnya.

    I have already sent you my email address.
    *yang lagi hepi...*

  10. hi Lena, no problem - hope u like it :)

    hi Hesti, dah email kamu...iya ya, baru ngeh gak taruh email di blog ku - update deh ntar :)



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