Friday, May 27, 2011

My First Swiss Roll

I have been always such a failure if comes to swiss roll
The problems are....folding in melted butter to the batter and rolling the cake
I have never folded in melted butter perfectly, there's always some leftover at the bottom of the mixing bowl when I poured the batter in the baking pan, it's all floating on top of the cake - resulted in patchy cake, there are wet patches here and there *sigh*
Secondly - the most crucial one, is my way of rolling the cake, somehow instead of turning to rounded cake, I got a squarish one - I guess I just don't have the basic technique knowledge as yet

I have been wanting to try the step by step in making swiss roll in Ricke's blog but still have no courage as yet, but finally I did today
She has 2 different recipes, I chose the simpler one as first timer

For first time trial, I was really pleased with the result

With cheese filling

With chocolate rice filling

If you notice the pics above, the cake with chocolate rice filling is thicker than the one with cheese filling
It's because the recipe is suitable for big square pan - 30 x 30 x 4cm which I don't have, so I split the batter into 2, I used smaller square pans - 21 x 21 x 4cm
I guess I must have split unevenly - the one with chocolate rice filling must be the one with more batter in the pan - made thicker cake :P

Anyhow, this cake is very soft and fluffy, taste yummy!
The next time I will try her other recipe which uses more eggs :)

What you need:
(adapted from Ricke's site)
for (1) 30x30x4cm square pan OR (2) 22x22x4cm square pans

What you need:

6 eggs
90g caster sugar
1 tbsp ovalette
70g plain flour, sieve together with 10g cornflour and 10g milk powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
125g butter, melted and cooled

Preheat oven to 200degC
Grease pan(s) with butter, arrange parchment paper on top and grease again on top of the paper
In a mixing bowl, beat on high speed eggs, sugar, ovalette, flour mixture and vanilla essence together til white, thick and creamy (ribbon stage)
Fold in butter til well mixed
Pour batter on the pan, bake for approximately 12minutes (til golden brown and it's not sticky when touched, but not too dry either - dry cake will have problem during rolling)
After taking it out from the oven, immediately take out the cake of the pan, leave to cool on cooling rack(surface up)
After it's completely cooled, place the cake on parchment paper, spread butter cream and cheese/chocolate rice or whichever filling you prefer, and roll the cake using the parchment paper
Please view the link above for the step by step instruction on rolling the cake (the blog is in Indonesian language though but with pictures too :P)

The next time I make swiss roll, not only trying on her other recipe, but I'll try to make pattern too :P

Btw, I apologize if I still can not reply all comments in my previous postings...I still can't comment in my own blog! Occasionally I can, also to post comments in other's blog but not long before it's back to the problem again *haizzzz*
Please Mr. Blogger....when will this interrupted service be over?????? :(


  1. Your swissroll looks nice and I bet they're yummy too!

  2. Your swiss rolls look SO good...! I tried making Swiss rolls ages ago and it was totally a failure ;).

  3. I too encounter the same problem but I found a way to do it. Here is what you do. When blogger sends you to the Google Sign-in page, uncheck the little box below that asks if you want to stay signed-in. It works for me. See if it works for you too.

  4. Your swiss roll looks great! I can never get a perfect round too, but yours look perfectly done. Good job!
    Blogger has everyone going bananas! Hope they get everything straightened out soon!

  5. woww...your swiss roll looks so beautifull,perfect rolled. I love it with cheese filling, it must taste wondeful.

  6. If you didn't say that this was your swiss roll, I wouldn't believe you! THey look very perfectly rolled and super fluffy too!

  7. Cantik nian swiss rollnya mbak Alice...cantik matangnya, cantik fillingnya, cantik gulungnya...cantik semuanya. Love it...!!

  8. hi yummylittlecooks, Cathy, thks for you nice comments :)

    hi CG, thks! perhaps u should try again - it's fun I can say :P

    hi Gert, thks for dropping by :) I think blogger is fine now *phew*
    many thks for the info - very useful should this happens again :)

  9. hi Ida, thks for dropping by and your nice comment :) same here, i prefer the cheese one, but can't say no to the choco rice one too haha...btw...your blog is so nice! :)

    hi Janine, thks for ur nice comment - still rolled with trembling hands hehehe.... :P

    Hes, makasih ya...pertama kali ya lumayan lah hehehehhe...sok pede bgt pas ngegulungnya :P

  10. Nice and round Swiss rolls, well done!

  11. You already made your first roll so perfectly rolled up. Thumb up! Looking forward to see your next one .... :)

  12. Alice,

    this is really well done for a 1st attempt. Looks round to me.

    For the folding of butter, you can try taking some of the beaten eggs (ribbin stage) out and place them into a small mixing bowl. Mix this small portion of beaten eggs with the melted butter until well mixed. Fold this mixture back into the rest of the beaten eggs and the butter would be evenly mixed.

  13. Great attempt at first try ! If you didn't mention, I would never imagine it's a first timer. It looks so professionally done, and I think it's looks even better than those bought from outside bakeries.

  14. WOW! this look so lovely and delicious!! the skin is so nicely browned! im sure you feel proud of yourself! (: i've not had enough courage to try swiss roll! i hope to get my hands on it soon :D

  15. Good try, your swiss rolls look very nice. I like the colour of the swiss roll skin, very even.

  16. hi Gert, just now blogger gave me problem again and i tried ur advice, it worked! thks alot :)

    hi Bakertan, thks for your nice comment and your advice in folding butter - very useful and seems easier :)

  17. hi Joyce, thks for your nice comment :)

    hi Jasmine, thks! do give it a try - i was also very reluctant and now i know that it's not that difficult when u know the how to :P

    hi Min, thks for the nice comment
    this cake surprised me also haaha...

  18. i think now you probably know how to master in swiss rolls! they are perfect!! though i've made them several times, i'm still not good at them!

  19. hi Lena, thks! i believe u can lah...u're extremely good in baking! :)



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