Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crispy Baked Fish Fillets

I was still not feeling so good today, but definitely better - been resting for almost two full days!
Still in low mood to be in the kitchen, so I just made something simple, recipe from Little Corner Of Mine which has been in my to do list for quite sometime
(FYI, the list is super long! :P)

My kids don;t really fancy fish - unfortunately
Well we know that fish is good, especially for kids, I give them fish oil supplement but I still do my effort occassionally to make them eating more fish
Forget about steam / soup, they will definitely say no, but when I do other styles, they're more behaved :)
Deep fry or pan fry - taste nice but not a good idea to do this too often
Baked is still the best option for them but I am really lack of idea for baking fish which is not those spicy Indonesian style :)
Lucky I found this recipe - they love it to the bits!
Actually I think I didn't crush the cornflakes fine enough, but they still enjoyed it, I think cos they love cornflakes :)

What you need: (modified to my family's preference)

2 big fish fillets (I use sutchi fillets) - cut into big chunks
Marinate the fish with olive oil, garlic salt and all purpose seasonings
Keep in the regrigerator for around 3 hours

Crush cornflakes in sealed bag (not too fine), and mix with breadcrumbs
(I use Japanese breadcrumbs so I pulsed 2times to make it finer)
Put the mixture in a shallow plate

Spray the aluminum foil lined baking pan with canola oil spray. Take a piece of the fish and generously coat it with the cereals mixture. Pat it in and put extra coating on top of the fish fillet before baking. The olive oil used in marinating the fish pieces should be enough to make the coating stick

Bake in preheated oven 230degC for 10 minutes. Serve hot with baked potatoes - I bake the mini potatoes together with the fish, next time I'l prepare sour cream, chopped spring onion and bacon bits to eat with these little cuties :P)

Nice to do this version for lean chicken meat too, and perhaps next time I might try to replace olive oil with garlic oil :)


  1. looks so delicious Alice! i can imagine how crispy it must be! not to mention healthy too!!

  2. Hi Jess, thks - yes its crispy and light cos its using fish fillet in it, and tasty too
    Yes, healthy can be tasty too :)

  3. Looks very crispy and yummy .... another to try list ....

  4. Looks very crispy and yummy .... another to try list ....



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