Monday, February 7, 2011

Baked Fish In Honey Sauce & Stir Fry Brocolli With Shitake Mushroom

Bought black pomfet but too bored with pan fried dish, so I decided to go through a little bit more hassle but enjoyable dish in the end :)

What you need:

1 large black pomfret  - cleaned and cut across
cooking spray

(A) juice of squeezed large lime, salt, pepper
(B) sweet soya sauce (kecap manis), honey, bird's eye chilli (green chilli padi) - crushed, butter - mix well

Spread (A) all over the fish, pan fry (yeah...still have to pan fry) - don't pan fry til crispy, only cooked
Spread (B) all over pan fried fish, put on greased (with cooking spray) pan and put in preheated oven (on grill mode)
Turn the fish occasionally til well cooked
While turning the fish, can spread more of the (B) mixture

Not too much of a hassle actually after tasting this delicious baked fish :)

Eat the fish with this easy peasy veggie dish:

What you need:

2 cloves of garlic - crushed
7 medium shitake mushrooms - sliced
1 medium brocolli - cut
oil, oyster sauce, fish sauce, salt, pepper, a little sugar and water

Heat oil, stir fry garlic til fragrant
Add in mushrooms, stir well, followed by oyster sauce - mix
Add in brocolli, stir well quickly, add in water, fish sauce, salt, pepper, sugar - mix well
Adjust the taste accordingly then off heat

(Do not cook for too long after adding in brocolli if you prefer crunchy brocolli - I hate soft and overcooked brocolli)


  1. wah! nice nice!! i had never baked fish b4 in my oven must try le!

  2. hi jess,
    yes can try, its delicious and smoke free hahaha...
    back in indonesia, the ppl do this recipe and bbq it on hot charcoal, til the house looked like it's on fire hehehhe...



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