Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hotpot Soup

We always have the same reunion dinner for the past few years - chicken based hotpot soup with whatever ingredients we feel like having at that time, but there are two things can't be missed out - pacific clams and fishmaw

What you need:

For the soup:
chicken bone
chicken stock powder
leeks. cut into 3 parts
white raddish, cut
carrots, cut
water, salt, pepper

Bring all ingredients to boil - then let it simmer for around 2hours

What is in the soup for this year:
* fried fishballs
* cuttlefish balls
* vegetable balls
* pacific clams
* fishmaw
* fish dumplings
* shitake mushroom
* enoki mushroom
* shanghai greens

Simple dish yet satisfying :P


  1. We usually will have steamboat for our reunion dinner too. Simple to prepare but also delicious! Thanks for sharing this wonderful hotpot soup recipe.
    Nice blog you have here too, will certainly often to drop-in :)
    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and family!

  2. Hi DG, thks for visiting my blog :)
    Yes, every year with so many other wonderful recipes around, yet still back to steamboat for reunion dinner
    The rest can wait for the next 2 weeks of celebration hehe...
    Happy Rabbit New Year! :)



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