Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Traditional Baked Mooncakes 2011

My third mooncakes and my first baked ones, I actually made this last Friday :)
Still need to improve - a lot, especially in how I did the eggwash - I guess I must have brushed too much, it's uneven and looked a little burnt here and there :P

After came out of the oven, I really thought I have failed, they were as hard as rocks! After a few hours, I was too curious to know how it tasted I cut one of them - and have decided to name them "mooncookies" since it's still as hard

Was satisfied with the taste but disappointed with the texture - with no clue what's the cause of it, until two days later it miraculously turned so soft and yummy - yes, I made it! *biggest grin*
It's indeed true as indicated in the recipe that it takes two to three days before it's ready for consumption - now I know why :)

I used half salted egg yolk in the filling, I guess it's too small as shown in the pic below :)

Recipe is from HERE but I replaced the plain flour to Hongkong flour instead
Filling is still white lotus paste with salted egg yolk centre

My mum likes this so much she requested me to bake more - now still in search for the lotus paste - have searched in one of Poon Huat's branch but they have no stock, now I have to try to search elsewhere :P

I'm submitting my this mooncakes to Aspiring Bakers #11 Mid-Autumn Treats hosted by HHB of  Happy Home Baking


  1. Lovely mooncakes! I have yet to make any! :)

  2. hi Joyce, thks - need to improve liao hihi....

  3. could it be too much alkaline water you put in? but it's just a guess. i'm no expert either. did you get a soft dough? there was a time i applied too much egg wash and the patterns got blur..

  4. hi Lena, not sure cos i followed the recipe to the dot...yes i did get a soft dough
    for the eggwash, yes, it did make the patterns blur if applying too thick :)
    thks for the input :)



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