Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fried Soft Bone Milk Fish & Stir Fry Chilli Potatoes With French Beans

These dishes are perfect to finish up a big portion of hot fluffy white rice, and you'll ask for the second serving! *grin* (not a great idea for those carbo-conscious hehe...)

Yummy fried soft bone milk fish - cooked in pressure cooker

What you need:
( for 2 large size milk fish)

7 cloves of garlic - peeled
3 pcs of 5cm yellow ginger - peeled
enough water
2 large size milk fish - cleaned and cut into 2parts each
salt, sugar and a few pcs of bay leaves
oil for deep frying

Blend garlic and ginger til smooth
Fill in pressure cooker with enough water to cover the 2 fish
Add in the blended garlic and ginger, salt, sugar and bay leaves
Press function meat/bean and wait til completed and function changed to keep warm, cancel and repeat the function meat/bean one more time (doing it twice will make the bones soft)
After completed, drain away the water, heat oil enough to deep fry the fish, deep fry til golden brown

Now, this is to accompany the fish

Stir Fry Chilli Potatoes With French Beans

What you need:

4 medium potatoes, diced
7 shallots, thinly sliced
french beans, cut
oil, salt, pepper, red chilli paste, a little palm sugar

Heat oil, fry diced potatoes til golden brown - set aside
Using the same pan with just a little oil, sautee shallots til fragrant, add in red chilli paste, add in french beans, water, salt, pepper, sugar - mix well amd simmer til french beans softened and water lessened, adjust taste
Add in fried potatoes - mix well


  1. The first time I ate milk fish was deboned. Love it and went to buy some to cook. I had a big nightmare when I saw those bones!

  2. hi Edith, haha...yes milk fish has so much bones - if not deboned or cooked in pressure cooker, i will definitely skip this fish :P
    but i love the texture and taste :)



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