Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ondeh Ondeh / Klepon

This is a nonya delicacy which is very popular in Singapore
In Indonesia, we call this 'klepon'

What you need:
(source: NCC modified by me)

250g glutinuous rice flour
50g rice flour
150ml water
1 tsp pandan paste
2 tsp lime stone paste (optional)
100g palm sugar - chopped
1/4 tsp salt
1 litre water
grated coconut

Mix both flour  - set aside
Mix water, pandan paste and lime stone paste
Pour the water mixture onto the flour mixture, mix and knead til forming a clay like texture
Take 1 tbsp dough, flatten, put palm sugar filling at the centre, close and shape like a ball
Bring water to a boil, put the balls in it, let cook and float
Drain and immediately roll them on the grated coconut which has been mixed with salt til evenly covered

Do steam the grated coconut for approx 15mins prior to use - it'll stay fresh longer :)

Btw, just a reminder that the deadline for my 1st year blog anniversary giveaway will be on this coming Sunday 23.59 - please do participate
My apology but this time it'll be only for those reside in Singapore :)


  1. my favorite snack of all times, too delicious to resist! send me some willya =D

  2. Ooo... my family love this!! I would make them when my son crave for it. If my sees your post, I will have to go get all the ingredients and start making them!!

  3. Like to have some now! Here we only find ondeh-ondeh with brown decicated coconut filling and not palm sugar. Nice ondeh you have!

  4. This is one of my favourite snack but a pity that I don't like desiccated coconut so I only go to one stall that sell freshly made and ask them just for the oneh without the coconut. hahahaa

  5. hi Jess, thks! mine too :) good to see u around - awaiting for your postings :)

    hi Honey Boy, hehe thks...for now my kids still cannot apreciate this snack :) only me and hubby - enjoy making :)

    hi Vivian, thks :) here in Spore there are some stalls selling with palm sugar filling
    in Indonesia they only have palm sugar filling
    for me, this is the only filling I like hehe...

    hi Edith, i never try desiccated coconut yet - i used grated coconut those sold in package in supermarkets.. the ondeh without coconut must look cute - like little green balls hihi...



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