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Friday, September 16, 2011

Chocolate Snowskin With Custard Filling Mooncakes 2011

Finally I managed to set aside some free time to give my hands a second try (first time was yars ago which was far from successful) on making snowskin mooncakes This time I was satisfied, both with the texture as well as the taste - for the skin as well as the filling - yummy yummy yummy..... yippee!! :)
One thing is I have no idea how to get rid of the flour on the surface and the sides of the mooncakes - it should have looked much prettier without it - I guess I have dusted the mould with too much flour and it looked more obvious on dark color snowskin
Also, I could have clearer pattern on the surface if I pressed a little harder I guess :)

I did the shaping together with my mum - she mastered the techniques of wrapping the filling much faster than me - she made a perfect one on her first try, while I could only do so after third attempt hihi....

Recipe for the chocolate snowskin is from HERE - delicious and so chocolatey... See, hers is so smooth with no trace of flour at all
And recipe for the custard filling is from HERE - yummy, not overly sweet - just nice!
The combination if chocolate and custard is just perfect :)

I used mould with 6cm diameter (my one and only mould - bought last minute at Poon Huat after couldn't find my another mould I bought years ago heee...)
This recipe makes 12 mooncakes
I use 1:2 ratio - for my mould it's 25g for skin and 50g for filling

I'm submitting my this very first batch of mooncakes to Aspiring Bakers #11 Mid-Autumn Treats hosted by HHB of  Happy Home Baking

Now, I feel like making more mooncakes :P


  1. Your mooncakes look gorgeous!! I am totally hopeless when it comes to making mooncakes. :(

  2. Cantik and elegant mbak Alice...sayang aku belum pernah nyicip dan belom bisa bikin jg. Di sini nggak ada yg jualan cetakannya. Dan kayaknya tepungnya juga tepung khusus ya...

  3. Very interesting filling,custard filling in mooncake. Your snowskin mooncakes are nicely shaped! Nice!

  4. Food Fot Tots, thks! quite surprised I can do this hehe...

    hi Hesti, makasih ya...disini sih bnyk yg jual bahan2 dan alat2 nya, biasanya dr bulan Juli dah bnyk yg jualan...kalo yg snowskin gini yg fillig nya fancy2 gini aku doyan, malah kalo bikin ndiri jadi bs dibikin gak tll manis :)
    tepungnya tuh tepung ketan yg dah disangrai Hes, aku bl jadi :)

    hi Vivian, thks alot :) i always love mooncakes with custard filling and was thinking with chocolate would be great - no regret :)



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