Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Mid Autumn Festival & A Simple Breakfast

What a weird posting huh? People share mooncakes but mine was just a simple breakfast :P

I do want to wish all of u a happy mid autumn festival - enjoy your mooncakes feast :)
To be honest, I never involve in mid autumn festival, but I can never resist to indulge in mooncakes during this period of time
Just like last year, I bought the same mooncakes from East Ocean - yum!
Really eager to try out the baked custard moonies from Peninsula Hotel and Raffles Hotel, but decided to give them a miss, way out of budget :)

Quite reluctant when I found out about this month AB event - I did try to make snowskin mooncakes a few years back and failed miserably, but it doesn't mean I will not participate
Still pretty busy with domestic stuff, but I'll have some free time this week onwards, so unlike others who might stop making mooncakes, I will start making only this week haha...
Can you believe it, I only finished buying the ingredients yesterday :D

So, please wait for my mooncakes postings til the end of this month - keep my fingers and toes crossed
Wish me luck! :)

Well, now the breakfast...
I occassionally make this brekkie for a change

I believe I got this simple recipe from a food blogger many years back, way before I have my own blog, I can't remember her blog name

What you need:
(for 1 toast)

2 slices of white bread
1 cheese sliced
1 egg
butter, salt, sugar

Heat butter on a non stick pan, fry the egg with a dash of salt, put 1 slice of bread (I put beside the egg), put the egg on top of the bread and wait for a while (around 30seconds til the bottom part is browned)
Trasnfer on the serving plate
Add a little more butter on the pan, put the other slice of bread, put sliced cheese on top and sprinkle with sugar, wait for another 30seconds til the bottom part is also browned
Transfer to the serving plate by flipping it upside down (cheese facing down) and quickly put on top of the toast with egg
Gently press the toast and enjoy your breakfast immediately while it's still hot with a cup of hot brewed coffee

What a morning! :)


  1. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and your family too.

  2. Yes, this is good healthy wholesome breakfast. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  3. Happy Mid-autumn festival! Me too. Will be making more mooncakes even after mid-autumn. :)

  4. hey, sorry for coming by late.nice to see you back! Hope everything's well settled at your new house. Looking forward to see your mooncakes! Nice blog layout too!

  5. I am like you too, thought of making some mooncakes later, if I can find the time! Mooncakes are extremely expensive, they are overpriced in my opinion! Your toasted bread would be lovely with some hot coffee! have a nice day!

  6. This breakfast idea is great.

    Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival to you and your family.

    We are not a big fan of mooncake too... Being just the 3 of us, I have decided not to bake traditional mooncake so that we don't have too much mooncake.

  7. I missed the Mid Autumn Festival as I had to leave for India... Hope you had a happy festival!

  8. hi Gert, thank you :)

    hi Cheah, thks! u have a nice blog :)

    hi SSB, thks! too :)

    hi Lena, thk you! yes, more or less settled now *phew* :)

    hi Joyce, thks! yes, I too will have some mooncakes recipes to try :)
    yes, I do agree with u, it's getting more and more pricey - can feel it this year especially :)

    hi Ching, yes, me too - on a lazy weekend :) thks!

    hi Zoe, thks!
    i guess this yr my family will eat more mooncakes compared with previous years since I'm planning to try out some recipes hehe...

    hi Shirley, thks! hhmmm...hope u will have the chance to celebrate next year ya :)



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