Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Strawberry Cheese Streusel Pizza

This is a must try for those who love pizza and like to try something with a twist
Perfect with a cup of hot tea!

Recipe is from Joyce's site

Soft & juicy in every bite

Yummy and crisp edges

Sweet, tangy an salty all in one - yum! Believe me, this is a must must try! :)
I've submitted this pizza for September's LBT challenge which the theme is happened to be pizza :)

Btw, this what I did with the other remaining pizza dough - mini ham and cheese pizza - yummy yummy!


  1. Your pizza looks great! My kids love it, so do I! I never knew sweet pizza could be so delicious! I'm glad that your family enjoyed it! :)

  2. hi Joyce, thks! this pizza is really a surprise :) enjoyed it so much :P



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