Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bake Along #10 - Chocolate Caramel Banana Upside Down Cake

I hope a recipe from other bloggers is accepted since I'd really love to join the fun in Free & Easy Bake Along #10 : "Go Banana" when I saw this recipe from Joyce's site  
I was literally drooling when I saw the pics :P

Joyce, you're absolutely right, the cake is simply divine!
So soft, moist and chocolatey cake combined with the gooey caramel topped with oh so sweet bananas - hhhmmmm....heaven!
It's a very difficult determination to stop at just one or two slices! :)
Definitely a keeper!

Do hop over to Joyce, Lena and Zoe's sites to find out what they have done with bananas this time :) 


  1. hi alice, nice to have you joining us this time. I have put a link back to yours, thank you!. You can write to me at in future if you would like to join in next time. Yes, joyce had earlier told us that this is a very delicious cake, your photos look great, so eager to try that out!!

  2. Hi Alice,
    You have made the cake! Yes, this cake is absolute divine! Really glad that you have enjoyed it. My kids have asked me to bake this again! :)

    Glad to have you joining in the fun. I will inlcude your link in my post. Thank you!
    Our next theme will be Pizza, posting on 06/10. You are welcome to join in again. Have fun!

  3. Hi Alice, So happy that you are joining us for this Go Bananas theme bake-along. I've included your blog site in my Banana blog post.

    Your banana upside down cake is so moist and beautiful. Very mouthwatering...

  4. everything with bananas...penampilannya kayak brokus cokelat ya Mbak...tapi pasti lebih enak krn ada pisangnya...

  5. hi Lena, thks! so glad i can join in the fun :)
    i love anything with banana yet its very seldom i bake with it hihi...
    sorry i didnt know that i have to send an email first - will do so in the future :)
    yes, this cake is really a must try! :)

    hi Joyce, thks for sharing this recipe - really superb! next time i will add more bananas - my girl loved it so much she often ate only the top part! wew!
    i will most probably join in the pizza event - pizza is my family's fave :)
    in fact i did bake the streusel pizza from the previous bake along too - yum! :)

    hi Zoe, thks! indeed this cake is really delicious :)

    hi Jay, this recipe is really worth trying :) thks for dropping by :)

    hi Hesti, teksturnya emang mirip2 brokus coklat nih, enak bgt krn pisangnya dah caramelized :)

  6. alice, it's okay cos we never indicate to send us a note. No problem!



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