Friday, June 3, 2011

Panda Bread

This is for my kids who're right now crazy about Kungfu Panda :)
Well, it's also for their mummy whom has been curious on how to make this bread
I don't think it looks like panda though...looks like more to fox to me hehe...

Recipe can be viewed HERE - one of blogs with failproof recipes! (you see her panda is much cuter!)
Step by step can be viewed either HERE or the original creator of this cute bread ->  HERE (blog is in Japanese, but it's clear enough by looking at the pics)

I'm submitting this cute bread to Aspiring Bakers #8 June'11 Bread Seduction hosted by Jasmine from The Sweetylicious at this LINK


  1. ALICE! i plan to try this on sun! :D you baked it soooo LOVELY! not at all like fox lah. im sure your kids love it! at least i love it :D

  2. hi Jasmine, thks :)
    my kids love love love it!
    thats all what matters to me :P
    cant wait 2see yours! :)

  3. Cute! I did this before as well ;)

  4. Lucuuuuu mbak...~.~

    Aku juga udah bookmark nih...pernah lihat dipostingan beberapa fab.blognya mbak...kreatif buangeeet...

  5. I saw this before and I've been wanting to try it but have been lazy! Yours look adorable! I'm sure your kids gobbled all of them up!

  6. hi Cathy, yes i saw yours before, mine cant compare with yours liao - your panda is perfect! :)

    hi Hesti, hehe...iya nih, under pressure dari anak2 hehehe...bisa pas banget, Kungfu Panda II lagi mo maen soale :P

    hi Janine, thks alot! i'm still far from perfect compared to the original recipe, even from other bloggers who have tried this bread b4! :)

  7. yeah, i remember cathy doing this too! yours look just as beautiful!!

  8. I bookmarked this too! You remind me again that I want to try this too :)

  9. hi lena, thks - but i'm still not satisfied ley...gotta try again, i want to get big panda face facing in front with parallel ears and eyes hahahah... :P

    hi Doris, cant wait for your posting on this bread - definitely a good one! :P

  10. Hi Alice,

    I've tried baking a Panda Bread before, but my Panda bread looked more like Panda cacat! Hahaha...

  11. hi Mama, hehe...mine also far from perfect lah...i'm sure u can make much better than me! :)

  12. Hi, do u know 4g of yeast is how many tsp?

  13. Oh, this is brilliant idea, Panda bread!



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