Sunday, May 5, 2013

ABC May 2013 - English Muffins

One type of bread I was used to not really fond of, but slowly I started to enjoy it :)
I'm fine slathering them with berries jam, but they taste great too with melted cheese, a slice (or more LOL) of ham, and sunny side up :)


I made half recipe, followed the recipe from King Arthur Flour exactly, except that I didn't use semolina but yellow cornmeal instead
I did bake them for 5 minutes since I found the outer part has browned while the inside was still a little 'doughy'
The end result, it was crisp on the outside and fluffy and soft in the inside, I like :)

The fifth bake for Avid Baker's Challenge this year, hosted by Hanaa
Another winner recipe :)

Please view HERE to see other members baked their English muffins too :)


  1. Reading your description on how you enjoy these English muffins make me wanna have some now! I might have to try these out over the weekend! Thanks for sharing.

  2. hi,alice,
    could u tel me where to buy king authur floor here in sg,,thanks

  3. I admit it. I fell in love with the food. I really want to eat such food.

  4. You got the real 'nooks and crannies', they look stunning!

  5. They turned out really nice, Alice. I'm glad you can enjoy English Muffins now. Maybe next time, make the whole recipe and freeze the leftovers (that's what I did).

  6. Your English muffins look perfect! I like the idea of the cornmeal too. Beautiful photos!

  7. Alice, this is one of my favourite breads. Used to eat this all the time in Australia. now at least i can get them for breakfast at McDs! Will try this soon. thanks

  8. Hi Alice,
    I've made this last month! Will be posting it later this week. I love it! A keeper recipe indeed!

  9. Wow! Nooks and crannies!
    Those look great, Alice!



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