Saturday, May 11, 2013

2nd Anniversary Bake Along #44 & THB #17 Essence of Orange-Chocolate Wafer Cupcakes

These super moist cuppies are really delicious and loved by my family
I followed the recipe, didn't reduce the sugar quantity and I found it's a little too sweet but still tolerable
I soaked the golden raisins with rhum before processing them, too
Every bite I had was with a hint of rhum fragrance. Hhhhmmmm....

For full recipe please view Eileen of Hundred Eighty Degrees, whom has chosen this keeper recipe, very good choice!

I submit this post to:

*The Home Bakers hosted by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours
where we bake recipes from the book Coffee Cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas and this is our 17th bake

*Bake Along, organised by Joyce from Kitchen FlavoursLena from Frozen Wings and Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids where we are now celebrating 2nd anniversary :)
Please view below for other superb cupcakes :)
And for all mummies out there, hope you'll have a great time celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow
Stay tune for my bake for this special day tomorrow :)


  1. Hi Alice,
    Soaking the raisins with rum sounds lovely, have seen some of our fellow bakers did this too! It must have added fragrance and deliciousness to the cake!
    Thank you for linking to Bake-Along!
    Wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Eileen, Hundred Eighty DegreesMay 12, 2013 at 12:34 AM

    Hi Alice, glad that your family likes it. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Love the moistness of your cupcake. Looks soft and spongy.

  4. good afternoon alice, yup, love these orange cake very much..adoi! i hv yet to post it up! thanks for linking it to our event too, hv been a fantastic journey baking with all of you! oh, happy mother's day to you too!

  5. Hi Alice,

    You are so clever baking this cake into cupcakes. Brilliant!




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