Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Great pre-mixed set for a lazy mummy on a lazy weekend :P

The good thing is it doesn't forget the chicken, it comes with the seasonings and sauces for both chicken and rice, so I didn't have to do anything else at all, just get ready with the chicken and the rice, the spring onion, chilli sauce, dark sauce and blended ginger, and cucumber - that's all :)
I didn't have dark sauce, ginger and cucumber so I just skipped them without any regret :P

Boil a pot of water and add in 1 whole chicken (I cut into parts) - make sure it submerged, add in the chicken seasonings and simmer for 30mins
Pour the sauce over the cooked chicken just before eating
Really yummy tender chicken!

To prepare the rice, use the water from the chicken and add in the seasonings - put all into rice cooker and let cook - that's it

Use the remaining chicken stock as the soup - you may adjust the taste accordingly by adding a liitle salt and pepper - enjoy! :)


  1. wow, I simply heart chicken rice. You made me drool leh... I also wanna make my own chicken rice soon ;)

  2. Hi there,

    I have an award for you. Kindly view it here.

    Thank you =)

  3. hi Cathy, hehe...yeah, my family's fave too :)

    hi Nancy, thks so much for the award - so honoured :)



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