Thursday, April 14, 2011

So Cheesy Cheese Sticks

This savoury snack is so addictive you can't stop eating them! Crisp and delicious!
The only thing was I made them not the ideal way, it should be shaped with noodle maker, but since I don't own one, I did them with a dough roller just like when making rolled cookies and cut thinly
Not so easy, I ended up still having some thick sticks which texture is different from the thin ones
Thicker sticks get softer faster, while the thinner ones could maintain their crispiness
Nevertheless, the taste is a winner! :)

It looks like muruku - famous Indian savoury snack, only that this one is really cheesy without any spice added :)

Recipe is from Pawonike (it's in Indonesian language)

What you need:

600g plain flour
150g tapioca starch
300g grated cheddar cheese
100g grated edam / gouda cheese
(please note not to grate the cheese too coarse/long, it will make the sticks looks dotty - if u know what I mean :P)
1 tsp salt (depending on the cheese you use - if you use both above, salt can be ommitted, if you use only cheddar then you need to use the salt)
100ml egg whites (I used from 3 eggs)
100ml water (I used 200ml)
115g butter - melted but not til completely melted (I put in microwave for 15secs)

These 2 ingredients below only to be used when you don't really fancy cheesy snack, I love cheese so I didn't use them:
2 tbsp garlic powder
1 tsp chicken stock powder

lots of frying oil (can use deep fryer too)
some parmesan cheese powder to sprinkle

Mix butter and egg whites til well combined
Add in plain flour and tapioca starch as well as salt, mix well  (you may do it by hand of electric beater - I did by hand)
Pour water bit by bit til it forms dough, knead til it's smooth (approximately 10minutes)
Roll the dough and shape accordingly (ideally by noodle maker, I don't have one so I cut thinly using knife)
Heat oil in a chinese wok, fry and stir while frying til golden brown
Sprinkle with parmesan cheese powder
Keep in the airtight container

Ian who's a fan of savoury snack loves eating this snack, calling them "cheese french fries" and requested to bring them to school tomorrow in his lunch box :)


  1. Love this ... cause it crispy & cheesy! I can just non-stop eating this :)

  2. thks Doris, same here haha...

  3. i'm sure i wouldnt be able to stop at 1 too! looks so crispy!

  4. thks Jess, yeah...can only stop at 1 container hahha....

  5. These fries look great and inviting. I am sure i can't help but kept eating after 1 and another :p

  6. these remind me of jagabee - just that it's cheese, not potato but i'm sure they're as addictive as jagabee because I can finish more than 2 cans at one go! >.<

  7. thks Ellena - yeah, this snack is pretty irresistable if u love cheese :)

    hi Janine, hhmmm.. nvr hear about jagabee b4...must be nice too :)

  8. this look so crispy and delicious! (: (:

  9. oh i loveeeee but hate frying, can i bake them instead?

  10. hi Jasmine, thks for dropping by and your nice comment :)

    hi Rita, sorry i dunno whether it'll turn out the same if its baked - hvnt tried yet hehe...
    but this one is pretty tame to fry, hehe....

  11. I think, if you give me a big bottle full of these cheese sticks, I won't take time to finish them off... especially over a good movie... now you see it, now you don't! Haha

  12. hi Mama, thk for dropping by :)
    haha...yeah this sticks are so addictive!



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