Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Plaited Bread With Apple Cinnamon Filling (No Knead Dough)

When I baked hot cross buns for Easter the other day, I made plaited bread, too with half of the dough

The apple cinnamon filling is the same as what I used for my apple turnover but I did simmer the mixture til apples softened

Fresh from the oven...

The next morning...

It's indeed a miracle dough knowing no kneading required and yet yields a very soft and fluffy bread, even til the next 2 days!
And it's so easy to make I can bet those never bake before can do, too. Yes, it's that easy :)

I know that I'll definitely use this recipe again and again :)


  1. So tempting,must try in one day

  2. Looking yummmy... gimme a piece :-)

  3. Alice, it is beautiful! Can just imagine how good it smells and tastes.

  4. This looks so good Alice, i could never resist anything baked w apples. Just love the combination of pastry w cinnamon apples, yum.

  5. Lovely bread ! Too beautiful to even eat it! Great job! ;)



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