Friday, April 26, 2013

THB #16 Rosemary Lemon Polenta Cake

I was in doubt my family would accept this cake so I decided to bake just half recipe and oh my, how wrong I was
Except for the kids, the whole family loved it, including my 'not so easy to please' mum :)
Even though rosemary is an alien plant for her, but she didn't mind the fragrant in the cake at all :)

A beautiful butter cake with lemon and rosemary fragrance. Soft, moist and taste wonderful, too. I didn't mind eating it plain, but drizzling it with lemon rosemary syrup was much better :)

I followed the recipe exactly, except that I reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup (half recipe)
I also replaced buttermilk with low fat yoghurt
For my half recipe, I used 20x10cm loaf pan and it's just nice

The next time I bake this again, I will try lavender instead of rosemary
It should be great, too :)

I'm submitting this post to The Home Bakers hosted by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours
where we bake recipes from the book Coffee Cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas
This recipe was chosen by Angela from The Charmed Cupcake
Please view the full recipe HERE


  1. Hi Alice,
    Your cake looks wonderful with lovely moist texture. I've made mine with lavender and would like to try it with rosemary the next time! Glad to hear that this cake is a winner with your family!

  2. I will have to bake this one too. Love polenta cake!

  3. Se ve muy tentador muy rica y perfecta la miga,hug

  4. hi,i goin to make this cake,,but i don have cornmeal,can i used onyl flour instead,,
    thanks for sharing,,,
    first time baker,,,

  5. Love the first photo, such a moist, inviting cake!

  6. hi alice, so you made the syrup, i guess that has indeed made the cake more delicious. I didnt make the syrup but it was good too :D

  7. Hi Alice,
    I'm so glad you tried this cake as it really is delicious as you found out.
    Your cake looks really beautiful and moist and I am glad your family loved it. My father-in-law is also 'not so easy to please' but he must have had like 2-3 slices of this cake :)


  8. Hi Alice,
    I am like Yen, love your first photo.
    It's looks so pretty with moist and fine texture.
    Would like to try this out sometimes:)

  9. Hi Alice,
    Your cake's PERFECT! Love the texture!



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