Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hot Cross Buns With Chocolate Filling (No Knead Dough)

Happy Easter for those celebrating!

I baked these little cute hot cross buns and instead of mixing the dough with spices and raisins like the usual hot cross buns, I only used plain dough and added chocolate filling using semi sweet chocolate chips

With good reviews I read from others tried this recipe, I decided to give it a try too
This recipe is originally from The Pioneer Woman and modified the quantity by Pig Pig's Corner
Very easy, indeed and I can't complain on the result! Soft and fluffy til the next day!

Instead of cinnamon rolls, I baked hot cross buns using this dough, and I did refrigerate overnight for easier handling
My kids do not fancy spiced buns, so instead of adding spices and raisins into the dough, I left the dough plain and added chocolate filling into each bun

Please view HERE for ingredients and method to make the dough
Weighed 30g for each dough, flatten it, place some semi sweet chocolate chips filling in it and wrap it up then seal
Place on lined baking tray, leaving a little space in between, proof for another 30 minutes and pipe cross on it just before baking
I mixed 50g of self raising flour and 60ml water for the piping
Bake for 10 minutes in preheated oven of 200degC, reduce the temperature to 180degC and bake for another 15 minutes til golden brown
While hot, brush the top with butter

I made half of the dough into these buns and the other half plaited bread with apple cinnamon filling, very nice too, will share soon :)

My kids' Easter project, ended up Daddy did the work LOL

I'm submitting this post to BYOB (Bake Your Own Bread) - March 2013, hosted by Roxana


  1. Happy Easter! no knead and soft? sounds wonderful! those easter eggs are so pretty..your hubby is good..LOL!

  2. I had been using this recipe for my pizza for quite sometimes! Love it as it really yields soft n fluffy bread/pizza.

  3. No knead hot cross bun looks terrific good.

  4. Hi Alice,
    Your cute hot cross buns looks great.
    Soft and brown perfectly. Must try yours soon:D
    I made some bread maker hot cross buns too : )
    Happy Easter Day!

  5. Hi Alice, your hot cross bun look delicious and very well baked. The chocolate filling sure look inviting.

    The little chicks look sooooo cute and pretty. :))

    Have a wonderful week ahead,regards.

  6. Wahhh daddy is so creative. The chicks look sooooo adorable. Must upah the daddy with extra Hot Cross Buns!

  7. hello could you please tell me were i can find the hot cross bun recipe Thanks marg

    1. hi ceelyon, here is the link :



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