Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Singapore Rojak with Zespri Kiwi

l was so excited when Zespri kiwi contacted me and asked me if I could dish up some local dish with kiwi used as one of the ingredients. The event initiated by Zespri kiwifruit is called Zespri Makanmania where food bloggers are invited to come up with a couple of ways of incorporating Zespri Kiwifruit to local delicacies - combining National Day and Singaporeans’ love for food

They were also so kind to send me an introductory pack - many little cute stuff in it, and of course, some kiwi fruits :)

You see the two little toys? So cute, right? Abby took the yellow one and gave Ian the green one. Thank God there were 2 toys, otherwise they would pull each other's hair fighting for one toy LOL
I love the umbrella. You should see when it's opened. I look like being sheltered under a giant kiwi :)

There are some leaflets too with some information about kiwis, and of course some recipes, too :)
I found out some new facts I never heard of
Like, kiwi is originally discovered in China - I thought it's found in New Zealand all along :)
Also, that apparently we can eat kiwi skin, it is a great source of dietary fibre
And Zespri kiwis are considered super fruit. It is one of the most nutrient dense fruit available, low in calories and fat. Every single scoop gives us more vitamins and antioxidants than most other common fruits, without the extra fat and calories. What a great snack, isn't it? :)
It's great for digestive health, too - great news for those suffer from constipation :)

I love kiwi, especially golden kiwi. Abby, too, much more than me, in fact. She can finish the whole 4 fruits in a box at one go!
I love green kiwis too, but not to eat it on its own. It's too sourish for me. But smoothies, jam, and salad, I'm totally fine with it. It's tangy and refreshing, I like :)

Now... I've been thinking about local dish, and then thinking also about kiwis, combining them together
What I could think of, and this couldn't come off my mind, is Singapore rojak
So, Singapore rojak it is, yes :)

Here it is, a typical Singapore dish which I always enjoy :)

I never like my rojak to be flooded with crushed roasted nuts. In fact, I prefer it not to have nuts at all. Hence my this nut-less rojak :)

It's a great idea, in fact, to add kiwi in this dish. Here I used green kiwi. Tangy and juicy, so perfect in rojak!

Recipe adapted from HERE

What you need:

For the sauce:
6 tbsps black prawn paste
4 tbsps tamarind paste, mixed with 3 tbsp hot water and drained, seeds picked out and discarded
peel of ½ calamansi lime, finely minced
1 packed tbsp torch ginger bud (aka rojak flower), finely minced
4 tbsp sugar (I used 5)
1/2 tsp sambal belachan (chilli paste) (I added)
½ cup toasted peanuts (80 g), skinless, and coarsely ground (I didn't use)

Local turnip, peeled and sliced
Cucumber, sliced
Pineapple, peeled and sliced
Green mango, peeled and sliced
Yu tiao (Chinese dough fritters) toasted til crisp, cut
Taupok (beancurd puff) toasted til crisp, cut

  1. To make rojak sauce, thoroughly mix all ingredients except peanuts. When sugar is melted, add all of ground peanuts (if using) except 2 tbsp and stir till evenly mixed. You should have 1 cup of sticky sauce that's as thick as peanut butter. Taste and adjust if necessary
  2. Toss everything, adding dough fritters and beancurd puffs towards the end so that they don't turn soggy. Plate and sprinkle with remaining peanuts, if using. Serve immediately

The ingredients I used above is the basic normally used
Some other varieties and additions are okay
Many add toasted cured squid (my favourite), also kangkong (water spinach)
Rose apples, green apples, cured jellyfish also quite commonly used

So... this is it. Local dish with kiwi. And you know what, apparently I finally could think of another one :)
Stay tuned!

Updated: the next morning - 8 Aug'13
I've made a serving with crushed roasted peanuts, I must say I did enjoy too :)


  1. Hi Alice,

    Nice that Zespri has found great talents like you and also contacted you... Hope that they will contact me too so that I have free kiwis! - LOL!

    Your kiwi rojak looks yummy!


  2. Looks interesting. Kiwi is my fav and rojak is also my fav, 2 combined together, wow :)

  3. Alice, who would have thought of adding kiwi to rojak! You are brilliant!

  4. Wow! Kiwis in rojak , sounds & looks delicious! I LOVE lots of peanut though! LOL

    1. thks Kit, I actually like it with peanuts too but a little bit will do :P

  5. Hi Alice,
    Lovely rojak! Looks so delicious! Kiwis in rojak sounds fun!

  6. Congrtulations! Sounds good to have kiwi in rojak but I love nuts to be added as well.

  7. Hi Alice,
    Wow! They are so brilliant to have found a wonderful blogger like you. I am sure you will come out with lotsa yummy kiwi dishes.
    Kiwi in rojak, that will be so nice! Love lots of roasted peanuts into rojak too!

    1. hahaha they surely will find u too liao! :)
      you're so good!
      thks thks :)



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